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Skateboarding has become more and more frequent in the public eye, and skateboarding events have become more and more abundant. Many skateboarding enthusiasts have gradually turned into professional skateboarders. Next I will introduce some knowledge about the 2019 World Roller Federation SLS Professional Tour.

Briefing by the International Roller Federation

The purpose of the International Roller Federation is to unite its members in the development of the roller skating movement, accept and recognize the statutes and goals of the International Olympic Committee and the International Single Sports Federation, and implement the basic principles of the Olympic Charter. The highest authority of the International Roller Federation is the Congress, which is held every two years. The International Roller Federation has three committees: International Speed Skating, International Figure Skating and International Ice Hockey.

On February 1, 2016, the International Roll-skating Federation awarded Nanjing the title of "The Capital of World Rolls". Nanjing became the first and only city in the world to be awarded this honor.

Every two years the World Roller Championship, twice a year the World Figure Skating Championships and once a year the World Dry Ice Speed Skating Championships (venue and road races). Roller skating is a sport in the dry land wearing shoes with wheels, including speed skating, figure skating and roller skating ice hockey. There are 80 million roller skating enthusiasts around the world. The International Roller Federation was established in April 1924 by Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. There are 98 members of the Association, which belong to the African, Asian, European, Oceania, and Pan American Roller Federation recognized by the International Roller Federation. The working language is English, Spanish and French. The China Roller Association joined the International Roller Federation in September 1980. The International Roller Federation is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.

2019 World Rolls Federation SLS Professional Tour Date and Location

The date and location of the 2019 World Rolls Federation SLS Professional Tour have been determined: The world's top skateboarders will travel from London to Los Angeles and all the way to the World Championships in Mexico City.

First stop: London, 23-26 May

Second stop: Los Angeles July(specific day to be announced)

World Championships: Mexico City September 18-22

Publication of the list of Chinese personnel who participate in the SLS professional competition in the United Kingdom

Xiangxiaojun and Liujiaming and Tangyahan from Shanghai, Panjiajie from Guangdong, Zeng Wenyu from Nanjing, and Huizixuan from Hubei will represent the Chinese roller skating team in the SLS professional competition. The ranking for the first season will refer to the SLS professional competition. Results, The eligibility for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be based on this ranking.

To enjoy the skateboarding experience as a professional athlete, it requires not only superb skateboarding skills, but also hardware equipment, such as skateboard bearings.

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