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Playing skateboard as much as possible can help us practice skateboarding better, but there are also other ways to get stronger point and shoot capabilities, faster flaps and better balance.

Whether you are on the couch for a while and then return to the skatepark, or just want to brag your friends, the following exercises will make you feel more comfortable and confident.


1. POP

If you are attracted by dudes with big pop,then there are some ollie exercises to help you practice.

1)Bouncing Practice

What you need: Resistance band or high surface objects (your bed or tall ledge).

How to do it: The key to box jumping is to keep your hips stretched out, even when taking off and landing. It is also important to keep your knees in line with your thighs so they don't collapse inward.

Number of exercises: Two groups, ten times, the higher each jump, the better.

2)Ball Presses Wall

What you need: A ball and the whole wall.

How to do it: The key to this exercise is exactly the same as the bounce practice. Keep your hips out and avoid letting your knees collapse. You should feel this exercise mainly in the glutes (hip muscles). If you don't do this, your hips will not stretch far enough.

Number of exercises: Do two groups, each group ten times



Tired of being discriminated against because of a bad switch pop? Try to enhance your switch ollie.

What you need: Resistance bands and something that can jump.

How to do it: The rules are the same as regular popular exercises. Keep your hips back and don't let your knees collapse, especially when popping up. Land on the elevated surface as gently as possible for maximum effect.

Number of exercises: Do two to three groups, each group ten times



These exercises are designed to improve balance and the core strength of the body itself, so that you can make moves on the manual pad all night.

What you need: A foam pad (or a sofa pillow), a 10-15 pound weighted ball (or basketball), and an old skateboard.

How to do it: This is a practice method that varies from person to person. First, prepare the posture you want to do, stabilize and keep your torso, and then throw away the ball in your hand. In order to get the best practice effect, try to throw as many as you can and keep less mistakes as much as possible.

Number of exercises: Do three groups in each manual position.



Never be satisfied with your inner turn 180 and outer turn 180, try these to completely change your skateboarding life.

What you need: Resistance band.

How to do it: These exercises will help strengthen your glutes to better improve your 180s. Just like pop and switch pop exercises, the secret is to keep your hips backwards and try to relax as much as possible so that your knees will not collapse. .

Number of exercises: Do two or three groups, each group ten times, or until you feel cramps.


You can enjoy your skateboarding life with some small changes, like doing above practice or even change a skateboard bearing

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