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About skateboards, things you don't know

Skateboard bearings are not as precise as the yo-yo ones, because there are eight bearings and four middle locks on a board, and it is necessary to replace all eight of them, regardless of which shaft explodes first.

Skateboard bearing cleaning is very simple, the bearing off the plate, paper towels to the bearing on the oil, stain off, wheel on the inner wall also wiped off, left and right of the wheel will be replaced by the smooth bearing will be good. About once a week to clean up, the high temperature produced by the rotation of the bearing when the plate is used, the glue of the wheel and the bearing wall are fastened to make it inconvenient to change the wheel orchange the bearing, so often take the bearing off the wheel and put it on the assembly. To avoid trouble, clean the bearings at the same time.

After cleaning, remember to use oil, the oil is very wide, edible oil can be, but some people say that the bought bearings first soak in gasoline for a week, this is a waste of gasoline, bought back, after a week to clean up the time on the oil also does not matter. The newly bought bearings have lubricating oil in order to store oil that prevents the bearing from rusting. The oil can be sent out of the bearing when the plate is used, and when cleaning, the oil used for the first time is cleared, and in oil, these oils do not play a role in lubrication. Just as the tube can not be heated only to measure the liquid, only to prevent rust, but often used plate bearings rust difficult.

Bearings encounter water will rust, if after the water, to continue to slide, the wheel of water volatilization is very fast, glide about 10 meters on the end of the volatilization.

Bearing is one of the parts that skateboard is not or missing, if failure, skateboard can not be used normally, so choose skateboard must see the bearing well. So, how to buy skateboard bearings do you understand? Now let me have a look at this extreme sports safety knowledge.

How to buy suitable for their bearings, this is a key issue?! Before choosing the bearing must first look at their intention to buy how much price, if the price is on the right? What looks good to buy! You can't be wrong anyway. Price left on the choice of our cost-effective ratio, the simplest price performance is to see what skateboard bearings are used by friends around the skateboard, the most used bearing is the entry type of the bearing, the use of time and price also has quality, Bearing life is a good choice, bearing life is to see how far the pedal slippery problem.

Kingsk8 Skate Bearings

If you're fat, forget I said, for example, the Sparkle bearing we mentioned above, as well as the Spanish BD bearing, the mainstream Bones bearing, are very good choices, the price can be received, basically within 100 yuan. Skateboard damage rate is also relatively fixed, normal play is basically in more than half a year or even a year or so. The skateboard itself is a wear-out product, but relative to the plate surface, the wheel, these look, bearing is the second only to the bridge consumables, think of it is still very cost-effective, so for the skateboard mainstream bearing in the price of 100 yuan can be chosen. At the same time choose some of the mainstream imports in the selection Card, 100 yuan, and then 50 yuan or so of domestic skateboard bearings, the quality and imported 100 yuan of skateboard bearing equivalent, there is a professional skateboard bearing than not good, attention, here is a professional!

There are two precise bearings in each wheel. Bearings have different precision and durability. The general bearing has a ABEC logo, ranging from ABEC-1 (least precise) to ABEC-7 (most precise). But there are bearings that do not have ABEC marks, such as Bones bearings that never have an ABEC logo, and their Bones Swiss Ceramics is one of the best skateboard bearings.

Bearing knowledge there is a lot of, I introduce here temporarily, if board friends to take part in skateboarding exercise what to pay attention to, then will protect their personal safety, will also choose good bearings.

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