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Plain double warped Skateboard

This kind of skateboard has the widest audience and most players. It belongs to street skateboard. The board surface of this kind of skateboard is made of multi-layer maple wood, the end is upturned, the wheel is narrow, the hardness is high. The average is between 95A and 101A.It's used to practice all kinds of cool moves. Such as flip board, dolphin jump, down the steps and so on, very playable. It has a wide audience, from beginners to pros, and you can find die-hard fans of this type of skateboard.

Rubber board

This board is made of engineering plastic, cheaper than wooden skateboards, mainly used for walking, small size, easy to carry. Generally speaking, it is suitable for girls.

It is characterized by wide wheels and soft hardness. The shape of the skateboard is mainly single-warped style, the board surface does not stick sandpaper, it use plastic texture to increase friction. But because the board is too short and narrow, it has certain danger. So the players need to be careful.


This type of skateboard is generally used for downhill. It's worth mentioning that this kind of skateboard is very exciting to make power slide. The long board is much longer than the ordinary skateboard, generally about 100CM, 25CM wide, mainly made of maple or bamboo fiber. The wheels are wide and soft. So it have a good adaptability to road surface. This kind of skateboard is very popular in Europe and America. Mainly used for walking, it is suitable for people of all ages who pursue excitement and speed.


This is a unique toy skateboard, it looks small and compact that you can carry it everywhere. You use your spare time to exercise finger dexterity and develop your brain. Don't be cheated by its small apparent, just think it is a toy, it can do all the action big skateboard can do. It has no age limit and is suitable for anyone who wants to play. When you can't skate outdoors on a rainy day, finger boarding can be a great pleasure.


This kind of skateboard is a new type of skateboard. Its main function is to speed drop. The biggest feature is that there are 6 wheels in total. These two moving wheels further improve the flexibility of this skateboard, especially suitable for power slide when going downhill. Because when the board is horizontal, you don't have to worry about the board falling off or getting stuck, it will continue to slide steadily. Another unique feature is the addition of a snowboard-like foot mount on the board, which again improves stability.


This kind of skateboard is very young, it is divided into remote control and induction type. The remote-controlled Zboard requires a handheld remote control device to control the skateboard at all times. The Zboard can accelerate, slow down and turn by itself according to the change of your center of gravity. In Europe and America, many young people are already trying.

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