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What is Finger Skateboard?

Fingerboard is a new hand extreme sport. It is said that an American skateboarder invented it to practice his favorite skateboard skills in rainy days. He also uses his fingers instead of his feet to control the fingerboard at home. Practice.

At first, there are two main uses for finger skateboarding: On the one hand, when the weather is bad, skateboarding enthusiasts can use their fingers to skateboard on various obstacles in the room to realize the action essentials and enjoy the fun brought by skateboarding; On the other hand, in the exchange of skateboard movements and research techniques, finger skateboards have become a good small prop. Skaters can use finger skateboards to study taxiing routes and technical actions on models in competitive competitions.

Finger skateboarding may seem simple, but it is no easier to control than skateboarding on your feet. To play the fingerboard, two or more fingers need to coordinate flexibly, using the friction of the board and the inertia of the fingerboard itself to drive it to make various beautiful actions. Finger skateboards take up very little space and can be hung on key rings or used as mobile phone chains. Finger skateboards can even be engraved on their own signature to demonstrate personality, both fashionable and beautiful. You can take it out anytime and anywhere to play, pass the time of boredom, and experience the fun it brings. As the number of fingerboard players increases, the charm of the small fingerboard gradually shows, and more and more people like this sport. Whether office workers or students, there is no age limit, no need to wear protective equipment, just pick up the finger skateboard, you can start to use your imagination. In the desktop, books and other places that can be used and even on their own body to enjoy the fingertip touch feeling.

Now the domestic national professional competition is a Chinese finger skateboard competition held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province.

The Comparison Between Skateboarding and Finger Skateboarding

The finger skateboard is no different from the formal skateboard in terms of configuration and appearance. The professional finger skateboard and even the bearings in the wheel are also copied by the skateboard. In addition to the surface Anti-Slip pad, the real skateboard uses sandpaper. The professional finger skateboard uses a rubber Anti-Slip pad that is more suitable for the skin of the finger. Each set of fingerboards is equipped with screwdriver, internal hexagonal wrench and other tools, and there are various alternative wheels. The fingerboard player can install his own fingerboard in accordance with his own ideas. Of course, he can also try to make a fingerboard himself and decorate his own cute with various colors. The fingerboard player can place the fingerboard on the desk, hang it on the key ring, put it in the pocket when he goes out, and can pick it up at any time to enjoy the finger limit.

How to Play Finger Skateboarding

There is a certain similarity between the connection between the finger skateboard and the skateboard practice, but the part of the exercise is different. We can look at some video tutorials to learn.

The following is a video tutorial.

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