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Movie introduction“skate kitchen” 

Skate kitchen, a movie which is both sharp and dreamy. A shy and quiet 18-year-old girl Caimille, who is lived with her mother in Long island suburb, is enthusiastic in skating. Her mother is stongly opposed playing skateboard. But fortunately, one day, she has met a group of female skateboarders who often gathered in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. This experience changed her mind. She accepted her thought and achieved a geographically negligible but spiritual epic leap that opened up a vast world of adventure, friendship, competition and the unknown inner strength.

Director Crystal Moselle uses a similar real-life lifestyle for actors to perform. The skateboard kitchen is a group of skaters who are made up of relatively unknown but skilled skaters, which leads to some natural, albeit surface performance.This is so real life.  And they prepared the best equipments for this movie, such like skate bearing and skateboard. When they can hide behind the face that the actor keeps, the emotions will become real


Why the leading role love skating?

 Vinberg (who played Camille in the movie ) said that, she got into skating because of her cousin. She had seen him skating and wanted to learn the tricks. When her cousin was doing tricks and she was like, “That’s awesome! I want to learn how to do that.” So, he ended up getting her a board when she was 12 years old, and she have been skating ever since.

This film also shows some feminism. As for this part, Vinberg think, they cannot have a whole girl. They are not a whole girl. And someone can't just engage in a gender fight because it's not how it works. They need a boy to join our team. This is one of the thing she remember to emphasize and worry about. And Vinberg thinks playing skating could makes them more active and more liveliness. It’s a totally new experience of street culture for her.

This kind of street culture doesn’t like before we have seen . Crystal Moselle's utilise realistic documentaries to depict casual, likable , compassionate movies. For the audience, this film changed the stereotype of the skateboarding and street culture which they have seen before at The Smell Of Us and Gus Van SANT,etc.

Film Review

Just like Stacy Peralta's 2001 classic documentary "Dowtown" and "Z-Boys", this makes the audience feel that skateboarding is almost idyllic innocence, its love for fun: or a subversive urban career. Focus on artistic fun.

In many ways, the “skateboard kitchen” is like the previous adult story and self-discovery. As in those movies, director Crystal Moselle is here to try to achieve simple realism, first of all a group of most non-professional actors. In addition to Jaden Smith, there is also a red-haired, gentle-speaking skateboarding child, a supported orchestra composed of members of the actual skateboarding kitchen, a group of real-life fearless, unattractive young women, and feminist friendships. Inspiring and a little daunting

The combination of Skate Kitchen in the movie is lively, cheerful and free to do. It is the lifestyle we pursue. The sport of skateboarding is romantic and innocent, which better reflects the character of several female skateboarders, chic yet elegant.


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