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Five parts of a skateboard

On the other side of the Pacific Ocean in the late 1950s, the descendants of inventive Edison turned more or less the fantasies of the ancient gods into reality. In the early 1950s, the West Coast of the United States was a place where wave riders tried their best. They use plain wood and expensive light wood surfboards to find fun on the tip of the wind. From the late 1950s until 2016, the IOC officially announced that skateboarding to participate in the Olympic Games, skateboarding has undergone a series of updates. So what are the parts of the skateboard that we know today are not made up of?
  The skateboard mainly consists of board surface, sand paper, support, PU, wheel, bridge end nut, bridge nail, cushion pad, bearing and so on. How do I choose a skateboard that suits me? This requires that you slowly accumulate skateboard knowledge while doing a lot of practice. It is important to choose the right equipment for skateboarding. Skateboards are made up of several different parts. The components vary depending on the terrain and manner in which the skateboard applies. In general, the skateboard consists of the following components:

1. Bearing

There are two precise bearings in each wheel. Bearings have different precision and durability. The general bearing has a ABEC logo, ranging from ABEC-1 (least precise) to ABEC-7 (most precise). But there are bearings that do not have ABEC marks, such as Bones bearings that never have an ABEC logo, and their Bones Swiss Ceramics is one of the best skateboard bearings.

Titanium bearings

2. Support

The bracket, with wheels on it, is the most durable part of the skateboard. You can use it to make grind. on all kinds of surfaces. They enable you to turn. You know how important they are. Let's take a look at the composition of the bridge: it's made of sleeves / shafts, bridge studs, bushings and base plates. The base (baseplate) is the part that is fixed on the surface of the plate, and passing through a thick screw from the base is called the (kingpin),. You can adjust the tightening of the main screw to control the flexibility of the bridge. The main pin is the most easily damaged part of the bridge, but it is a replaceable part. It's on the main pin. Yes, (bushing), has one big, one small, two liners on each bridge, and they have different hardness. With your use and abuse, they will break, and then your bridge will not be tightened. Fortunately, many bridge manufacturers offer alternative bushings with different hardness options. One of the problems with the bracket is that the "slide axis" (axle slip), happens when you roll over to the ground, and the axis is perpendicular to the ground (primo). The shaft slid through the sleeve, making one wheel tight and one wheel loose. To deal with this situation in general The law is to primo the board again in the opposite direction, but it is conceivable that the problem of skidding will only get worse and worse for a long time. Many companies claim that their bridges are "antislip" and you can give them a try. The bridge has different widths. The bridge is too wide to fit on your board, it looks like a turtle, the bridge will touch your feet when you roll over the board; the bridge is too narrow for you to see the wheels when you glide. One of the principles of choosing width is to set up the side of the board after the bridge is installed and can be basically vertically placed on the ground. So you can do something like Railflip. stent It plays an important role in the performance of skateboards. Most of the bridges made in the United States are made of special aluminium alloys, and there are few breaks. The support plays an important role in the performance of the skateboard. The skateboard bridge with different distance and different width makes the skateboard more flexible and easy to operate. The height of the bridge is also different. Higher bridges are suitable for large wheels and lower ones for smaller wheels, which makes it more comfortable to slide and less likely to touch the face of the plate when the wheel bends.

3. Wheels

Wheels are not valued on skateboards. Wheels determine how you feel as you slide. See where you slide-the street, the U pool, the swimming pool or the indoor panel yard-which will determine which wheels you choose (in both size and hardness). When you face all kinds of wheels in the skateboarding shop, you must drool, you may think they just look different, they all work the same, you're wrong. Color and pattern may be important factors in your choice of wheels, but function is more important. If you want to choose one of the best wheels, here are a few keys: there is no single wheel for all On the ground (do you want me to take a couple of wheels with me to change at any time?) if you spend most of your time gliding on the same floor, you don't have to worry about it. Refer to the guidance below or consult the experienced skater to make the best choice. The wheel is made of polyamine ester, a chemically synthesized hard rubber that improves the properties of wheels by changing the proportion of chemicals. Each company has its own formula, so you'll feel a little different when you use it. The ideal wheel you're looking for must be both elastic and hard, fast and durable. Famous It is by changing different recipes that the company is trying to do this. The first is the hardness, the pulley is usually the main material of polylamine, the proportion of polyamine ester in the wheel is different, the hardness of the wheel is different. Hardness of 85A (A refers to hardness) wheel is relatively soft, suitable for rough road sliding, gliding when the sound is very low, for a friend who likes pedaling board shopping is a good choice. But the 85A wheels are not wear-resistant because they are soft, and it's easy to break the spacer when doing things like skid brakes. The average skater uses the 97A-103A wheel. This kind of hardness wheel It is suitable for smooth marble and flat pavement, but also for U pool, jumping platform and other props. There is no sound on wheels like 85A in a smooth and smooth place. But in rough areas and on the U pool, there is a loud rumble (which tends to boil the hands of the board). Transparent or translucent wheels are not recommended for 103A, too hard to burst, preferably only on props made of all WOOD material. The second is the diameter, the 38-40mm wheel has very few people to use, this kind of wheel starts, the acceleration speed is fast, but the rear force is small, only suitable for the very flat road surface, the characteristic is The 45mm-50mm wheel is the most suitable wheel for horse style. 52-60mm wheels are more suitable for each props on top of the props. The wheel is very flexible and can be used by friends who like small movements. The wheel is the most suitable wheel for horse. 52-60mm wheel is more suitable for each props. Because doing action on props requires strong power, flat action hopes that the lighter the better, and on the prop weight can sometimes bring greater inertia and impact, so that you go higher and farther. In the wild, you can choose a cross-country ship above 60mm. Professional mountain skateboards are made of rubber wheels. There is also a rebound, the rebound of the wheel is very important. Although there are no parameters to refer to. But the stronger the rebound over the obstacle, the stronger the ability. If you don't know how your wheels bounce, you can do a little experiment. Remove the bearing from the wheel, and you throw the wheel to the ground, bounce the high wheel, the wheel will bounce to the ceiling, the low bounce wheel, will only flutter against the ground twice. On the smooth ground, perhaps, both wheels can run as fast as they can, but the advantage of a high-rebound wheel can be immediately revealed when it comes to rough road conditions.

4. Generally to five layers, seven layers, nine layers maple wood microwave cold pressed into. There are also aluminum alloy, carbon fiber and other materials made of the plate surface, the front and end of the board are raised. 22 cm or more of the board surface, basically can be regarded as U pool board surface, its plate can accommodate more places on the soles of the feet, Make it more robust in the U pool. 19 cm around the board, most of the flat road used in the plate surface, the sub-plate surface with small wheels, to do the action to be flexible, fast. In addition, different companies of the board, foot socket depth is not the same. Some skaters like the deep-footed plate, which makes it easier to do action related to turning over the plate. OLLIE is also more stable.

5. abrasive paper

Adhesive to the upper surface of the plate, used to increase friction with the sole, easy to control the skateboard.

These are the components of the skateboard. I hope you can provide some help for skateboarding enthusiasts.


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