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With the living standards improving, people start to spend more money on clothes and entertainments so that there surges a variety of fashion brands, among which Supreme is a typical example. However, a great deal people just see what Supreme is like now but have no ideas that Supreme was once a skateboard shop. Hence, today we will come to know the developing history of Supreme and its unique marketing methods, acquiring a further understanding of this first-class tide brand.

Developing history of Supreme

Supreme is a street fashion brand which combines skateboarding, Hip-hop and other cultures. Beyond doubts, it can be called the synonym of American street dress. As long as you are a believer in skateboarding and other street cultures, you never want to miss Supreme. Additionally, only when you buy Supreme can you get an entry permission into this circle.

So how did it change from a skateboard store to today's fashion store that can rival Apple store and attract millions of consumers to queue up all night?

Initially, they only visited street artists and musicians. Instead of shooting advertisements and posters directly, they were invited to design new products together. The truck cap designed by Rammellzee, a well-known graffiti artist, was eventually appeared to make Supreme a hit.

Subsequently, Supreme' s cooperation with stars became more easy and formed a virtuous circle. Namely, the more stars cooperated, the more famous Supreme became and the more stars were willing to cooperate with Supreme. Surprisingly, stars from all walks of life are even willing to propaganda for free.

Since then, Supreme has continued to co-name with other famous brands, from LV, Nike, Vans to various young artists, rappers and bands. Obviously, that is exactly Supreme which we are familiar with at present.

Marketing methods of Supreme

1. Viral marketing

All products are sold in limited quantity and time. That's why Supreme drives all fans crazy and it's the key to initiate the topic. Therefore, for fans, every Supreme is a collection which can show their distinctiveness.

2. Website optimization

Supreme' s website completely violates the basic characteristics of an e-commerce website: no call to action, no product pictures, no search function, let alone SEO. Since it launched in 2006, the structure of Supreme' s home page has never changed. But it is this spirit of "rebellion" that breaks the convention and violates the tradition that makes young people marvel "so cool!"

3. E-mail Marketing

Supreme' s e-mail subscription offers only two functions: a reminder of products which stores will sell this week and special push for a few specific users. This cold attitude actually makes users look forward to every email so that everybody is keen on checking the trash can every day to see if Supreme' s email has been missed.

4. Content Marketing

Supreme will invite charming models to wear their own brand clothes and create the most cool image. On the one hand, Look Book can play a role in brand promotion because face is critical in the fashion circle. On the other hand, Look Book is also a textbook of clothes, telling you what may be the most popular wear in next season.

5. Community Marketing

Reddit is not high-end as a forum community to start a chat. But there are a lot of customers who come to Supreme through Reddit. This shows that Supreme not only keeps noble but also knows how to use common approach to promote marketing.

6. KOL Marketing

Supreme and KOL establish a good cooperative relationship by sponsoring their business, inviting them to participate in each activity,  clarifying the benefits of cooperation and showing KOL real values and culture.

7. Social Media

It is known to all that Instagram is the battleground for fashion brands. So Supreme has made great strides since it opened its Instagram account in 2013. And of course it has received 6 million fans in four years, setting up a solid foundation for its brand communication.

8. Advertising Marketing

At some point of a year, New York's mailboxes, phone booths and scaffolding are filled with Supreme posters which often appear with a star wearing Supreme' s signature T-shirt. What is more amazing is that they are totally different from ordinary posters without even a single advertisement. Although they are well designed, people have no way to buy them. When people are confused, Supreme will immediately announce that it will sell a T-shirt designed according to this poster.

9. Black Technology

Supreme becomes more and more popular so that consumers are more willing to buy. Although official support for cattle and robots is not apparent, the booming cattle market is what Supreme wants to see because it is also an important reason for Supreme' s rising popularity.

From a skateboard shop to a famous fashion brand, Supreme has made a lot of efforts and finally achieved great success. As the skateboard bearing is the core of a skateboard, the unique culture and marketing methods are the core of Supreme. So, when you choose a brand you should know about its culture just like selecting a skateboard bearing, which is of great significance. That is all that counts.  



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