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Don’t satisfied with the prop or just want to change another way to play? You can DIY a kicker ramp by yourself. This is simple and easy, not as complicated as imagined, you can build a kicker ramp in an afternoon. Every skateboarder should know how to build it. It won’t involve a lot of wood and it’s just a small ramp that can be moved easily, so the whole process won’t consume your much effort and money. Here we’re going to show you how to build a small kicker ramp. If you want a bigger one, you can tailor these plans to the size you want.


Kicker Ramp Materials

You should gather materials you need before starting to build the ramp:

· About 12 feet of 2x4s (6 2x4s at 23" long)

· Lots of screws, different sizes (20 1" screws, 24 1 1/2" screws, and 2 3/4" screws to affix the metal bottom piece)

· One 1/2 thick sheet of plywood at 2 feet wide x 4 feet long

· Piece of thin metal (One 3/16 thick piece of sheet metal at 10 inches x 4 feet)

· Tools: pencil, tape measure, circular saw, drill w/ proper bit, 3/16 drill bit, 3/8 drill bit

You can find most materials you need at your local hardware store or scrap bin if you are lucky. Yes, it can totally be built out of scrap materials. The advantage of buying from metal shop is that the guys at the shop might cut the piece into the right size, punch holes and countersink the holes for you. If not, don’t worry, you can do that with the right tools.


How to Build a Kicker Ramp Step-by-Step


1. Cut the Materials

Start with cutting the side pieces and then cut the 2x4 pieces. Get your first piece measured and cut and then use it to trace your second piece.

l Lumber: Six 2x4's cut at 23 inches

l Plywood:
One 1/2 in. sheet of plywood cut at 2 ft. x 4 ft.

Two 1/2 in. plywood cut at 2 ft. x 5 in. x 1 1/2 in.

l Steel: One 3/16 in. thick sheet metal cut at 10 in. x 4 ft.

2. Structure the Base

  The front wooden strip should be nailed horizontally on the triangular composite panel, and the latter strip should be nailed vertically.

3. Structure the Frame

The remaining 4 strips should be nailed to the triangular plywood at regular intervals, as shown in the following picture. You are going to use the 1 in. screws to attach these pieces.

Distance each cross-member piece 6 inches apart, starting from the bottom.

4. Covering the Kicker Ramp

Now, you can cover your ramp by adding the sheet of plywood. After cutting this 1/2 in. piece of plywood at 2ft.x 4ft., you have to cover the framed ramp, even it out and screw the sheet down. Use the 1 1/2 in. screws for this. Before doing this, make sure the plywood sheet sits flush with the back 2x4 and rolls down nicely all the way to the bottom on the kicker ramp.

5. Attaching the Steel Bottom

If the kicker ramp was constructed properly, there should be enough room for a 4 ft. x 10 in. piece of steel threshold. Use the two 3/4 in. screws for this. To keep the steel bottom in place, drill two holes on either side of the piece with your 3/16 in. drill bit and the countersink the holes with a 3/8 in. drill bit so that your screws sit flush in the pocket and not sticking out.

6. Clean Up and Skate

Finally, the kicker ramp is completed, clean up your tools and go skate! Enjoy it. 

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