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For every skateboarder, when using skateboard for a long time, the skateboard will inevitably appear the phenomenon of broken bearings. the article will introduce the methods of changing bearings for everyone.

1. Under what circumstances do skateboard bearings need to be replaced?


In fact, some skateboarders change bearings because they can not do the cleaning of bearings, oil, etc. This is very wasteful.

The cleaning of the skateboard bearings is very simple. The bearings are removed from the plates. The oil and stains on the bearings are wiped off with paper towels. The inner walls of the wheels are also wiped off. The wheels before and after the wheels are replaced. It is good for the smooth flow of the bearings. About once a week is used to clean, the high temperature generated by the rotation of the bearing when using the plate, the glue of the wheel and the bearing wall are pressed against each other, causing inconvenience when changing the wheel or bearing, so always remove the bearing from the wheel and install it on it. To avoid trouble, you can clean the bearings at the same time.

After cleaning, remember to put on oil. The range of oil is very wide, and cooking oil can be used. However, some people say that the bearings bought are soaked in gasoline for a week first. This is a waste of gasoline. It does not matter if the oil is added after a week of cleaning. The newly purchased bearings have lubricants to store the oil that prevents the bearings from rusting. When the plates are used, the oil can be sent out of the bearings and the oil used for the first time when cleaning. Clear off, in oil, these oils do not play a lubricating role. Just as the gauge can not be heated only to take the liquid, they can only prevent Rust, but often used plate bearings are difficult to rust.

skateboard wheels and bearings

Most of the actual need to change skateboard bearings is because one or more of them have exploded, so we will replace them.

2. The way to replace skateboard bearing

The skateboard bearings are not as precise as those of the Yo Yo ball, because one board has eight bearings and four mid-lock buttons. The best 8 bearings are replaced. No matter which axis explodes first, it is necessary to do so. First, prepare a skateboard wrench and a pair of scissors. Unscrew the nut fixed to the outside of the wheel with a wrench and remove the wheel. Then use the scissors to cut out the broken bearings, then take out the new bearings to the wheel, gently load the bearings, then screw the nut with a wrench, and finally change the bearings, people stand on the skateboard slide down to see how the new bearings effect.

All skateboarders should take care of their skateboards.

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