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How to Choose a Skateboard


Skateboarding has been a non-mainstream sport for a long time. Nowadays, more and more people choose to skateboard, especially after the success of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games skateboard project. The sport is becoming more and more popular. But the first step in skateboarding is to buy a skateboard. So how to choose a skateboard? Let's take a look.

1. Choose the entire skateboard or assembly skateboard

For newcomers, the first and most important question is whether to choose the whole skateboard or the assembly skateboard. This is a bit like whether the desktop is choosing to own a computer or buy a branded machine. Based on money consideration, if you do not have serious selection difficulties. Be willing to put some thought into your own choice, or suggest that you match the assembly board. So when someone asks you, you can be proud to say: My own group.

2. Select the composition of the assembly plate and each component of the purchase

First, the plate surface is divided into hot pressure, cold pressure, and the number of layers is generally 7 or 8 or even 9 layers from the perspective of the process. Whether it is the combination plate and the entire board, the small editor feels that for the newcomer, the most important thing should be to select the appropriate plate width. The width of the main board in China ranges from 7.5 to 8.25. In addition to being related to the size of the foot, a narrow plate will be more labor-saving, a wider plate will be more stable, and the rate of action will be greater. Because it's easy to jump.

In addition, both sides of the double warping board have radians, the concave degree of the keel of the plate surface, and the regular plate head and tail foot socket is a deep and shallow. The foot nest deep point skateboard, do the action is relatively good cheap board some, shallow a bit better control. For the newcomer to buy the first board, whether it is the width of the board or the option of the foot recess, it is recommended to go to the skateboard store to try the width of the board and feel the foot nest to know what you want.

3. Select the skateboard wheels

Selection of wheels is mainly the selection of hardness. Skateboard wheels are divided into hard wheels and soft wheels. The hardness sold on the market of double-forked soft wheels is 85A. The higher the hardness value, the harder it will be. Generally speaking, 101A ~ 104A is chosen for action. Newcomers generally choose the first skateboard 102A white wheel or small black wheel. But if you are a friend who is happy to brush the street, recommend soft wheels for your feet.

4.Choose the skateboard bearings

In addition, skateboard bearings, do not choose industrial bearings, bearings are the key to ensure that you slide, in general, the biggest difference between skateboard bearings and industrial bearings is that the shock resistance of skateboard bearings is super good, in order to ensure a certain speed at the same time can be earthquake-resistant, anti-drop,but as the kingsk8 skateboard bearings.

5.Choose the skateboard bracket

Finally, the bracket, also known as the bridge, is the combination of the plate and the wheel bearing, the bracket under the plate. Like the wheel, the bridge is also divided into soft bridges and hard bridges. There are also high bridges and short bridges. The turning performance of the soft bridge is far better than that of the hard bridge, but the smooth and easy control of the hard bridge is not matched by the soft bridge.

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