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As skateboarding becomes more and more prevalent, an increasing number of people fall in love with skateboard. And the more people want to have a try, the more purchase of skateboards there will be. It’s significant that we can select the most appropriate one for ourselves taking budget, appearance and quality into consideration. In addition, the skateboard bearing matters a lot for the whole skateboard. Consequently, if we want a perfect skateboard, we need a perfect bearing for it. So, here are tips about the purchase of skateboard bearing.

1.The purchase gist of skateboard bearing

★ Seven-bead nylon cage type 608 bearing

Roller skating is in pursuit of speed, so there will be a lot of six ball bearings or even five ball bearings. But skateboard is generally equipped with seven ball bearings because of the need for more impact resistance and load capacity. For skateboard, the nylon cage is better than the iron cage. After high frequency of shake, the iron cage is easy to be looser or even broken. On the contrary, nylon has excellent performance. The rubber cover is better than the irony one because in most cases, after a period of time and use, most of the sealing cover will fall off, the iron cover will sag the speed and the rubber cover is directly off after wear. So take all of these into consideration, we’d better choose Seven-bead nylon cage type 608 bearing

★ Bearing grease

For the skateboard, we can select those with corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low damping and seismic performance.

★ Bearing accuracy

ABEC refers to the precision of the bearing and it is an industry standard instead of a bearing speed standard. ABEC includes 1,3,5,7,9 classes. The higher the speed, the more stable, but the pace of skateboard is very low in most cases. So the ABEC 7 is enough.

★ LQ standards

There is an ILQ standard in the roller bearing, which is stricter than ABEC. It’s not cheap. The skateboard can also use seven-bead product.

2.Skateboard bearing purchase tips

When purchasing, we need to take the using time, quality and the endurance of bearing which means the distance skateboard can slide every step.

3.Purchase error of skateboard bearing

★ About bearing made in Switzerland

Only Bones Swiss is made in Switzerland although many brands claim that their bearings are made in Switzerland.

★ What exactly ABEC means

The ABEC standard is developed by the society for the engineering of detective bearings which mainly measure the durability of bearings. But it is useless for most skateboards.

4.How to choose and buy the skateboard bearing suitable for ourselves

If your money is enough, you can choose the most expensive skateboard which is both cool and with high quality. But if you don’t have that much money, the cost performance is rather important. Take a look at your friends’ skateboards and the most common one is the one with good cost performance.

In the end, I’d like to recommend the bearings of Kingsk8. The king of hearts, the king of clubs, the king of diamonds and the king of spades are the four best sellers of Kingsk8 Bearing. They are good designed with marvelous colors and with top corrosion resistance. What’s more they are as quick as lightning.

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