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The skateboard bearing is one of the important components of the skateboard, and its role is to provide the moving energy for the skateboard. The size of the skateboard bearings is the same, the shape is ring-shaped, the surface is very smooth, the friction is very small. The inner ring of the skateboard bearing has a sealed ball, the volume is very small, tightly surrounding In the inner ring of the bearing.


The standard for the determination of skateboard bearings is called the ABEC standard. So what is ABEC? The ABEC standard was developed by the American Bearing Manufacturing Association (ABMA) Ring Bearing Engineering Association. It is mainly used to measure the durability of the bearing and to examine how fast the bearing's limit speed per minute is.

How to make skateboard bearing faster?

Try these few tricks,which may make skateboard bearings spin faster:

(1) Make Sure the Axle Nuts aren't too Tight  

There should be a little wiggle room for the wheel to move on the axle, but not too much. Sometimes we get boards like longboard completes that come with the axle nuts on too tight. The bearings will only spin for a couple seconds. When we give the nuts a small counterclockwise turn, the wheels can spin for minutes at a time. So make sure to leave a little room for the wheels and bearings to move on the axle.  


(2) Remove the Spacers

Removing the bearing spacers in between the bearings in the middle of the wheel is a way to make the bearings spin faster.  The middle spacer helps to stop bearings from breaking by bracing the bearings against each other. Bearings will be strong enough without the spacer to ride without breaking them. Many pros don't use the middle spacer in their bearings at all.


(3) Check the Bearing Alignment

Another thing to check for is if the bearing not seated completely, or pushed into the wheel all the way. This is not as common, but can happen. This usually only happens right after installing bearings into wheels. It can also happen if the wheel has dirt and grime where the bearing goes. If the bearing is sitting in the wheel crooked, it won't spin as fast. Push down on your wheel and pull up on it in all directions to make sure the bearings are both pushed in all the way.  


How to clean skateboard bearing?

This is a quick and simple way. But the problem with the method is that the cleaner contains surfactants and perfumes that are not suitable for skateboard bearings. The best product is the Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant, which can be found at most hardware stores. Its nozzle makes it very easy to use and the Tri-Flow design leaves no residue. Do not use WD-40 or something similar. The film left by WD-40 and other less expensive lubricants actually collects dirt and dust. Remember shake the lubricant thoroughly before use. Hold the bearing and use Tri-Flow to aim the edge of the bearing and punch the dirty out from every edge. Use as many lubricants as you need. Turn over the bearing and clean both sides. Once you feel that you have cleaned the bearings enough - usually, when the black adhesive stops - pat it with a towel or a rag to remove excess lubricant and set it aside. You can put it on top with a rag or towel for a while because it will continue to leak for a while.


The skateboard bearing is a mechanical moving part that helps reduce friction. Skateboard bearings are very important to the skateboard, so it is necessary to maintain the skateboard bearings well.


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