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Most skateboarders dreams of getting a sponsorship. Imagine how lucky if you can be paid to do the things you love. Sponsored players can get free gear and products from the company, trips around the world, skate in the best spots, and surround with top skaters. This is fantastic! But it takes much more than just being good at skateboarding to actually get a sponsorship.


First of all, you should know the types of sponsorships. The entry sponsorship is the Brand Ambassador. They enters an agreement with an organization or company to increase brand awareness and sales by representing the brand in a positive light. The next level of sponsorship is Flow. Flow skaters aren’t necessarily sponsored by a company, but they do receive free products. They don’t have to sign any contracts, but most flow riders receive gear every month. Then you can get into athlete tiers. Most skateboarders with an amateur level sponsorship receive a lot of free equipment but don’t get paid. An amateur sponsorship means that you’re actually an employee of the company which is sponsoring you. The company will start to promote you in the advertisements. If you reach the pro sponsorship level, then you’ve made it to the top. Pros are massively promoted by their companies, appearing in multitudes of videos and advertisements.

Now let’s see what really takes to get sponsored.

1. Be passionate and have fun

Professional skateboarders are getting paid and have reputation, but they didn’t start doing this sports because they want to be rich or famous. Sponsors love those who are having fun and full of passion when skating. So the most important factor is your love to skateboard.

2. Have your own style

There is no doubt that different skaters have different styles. You should find a style that fits you and set you apart from anyone else. Forget what others are doing and just being yourself.


3. Promote yourself

You should show yourself to sponsors and gain the attention from them. Attending local skateboard competitions, events; filming and posting all your best footage videos; make friends in the skate community and skate with better skateboarders; even try sending message to sponsor companies or organizations. You have many ways to promote yourself.

4. Make a video

Videos are important for building your impression and showing your skills. Shaking footage or cheesy editing will not leave good impression for sponsors. You need a good videographer who are able to keep the lens on you and be able to film from different angles. Make sure theta have good quality devices. Post your best videos on line!

5. Make connections

You should enter this skateboard circle and make right friends. If you get in contact with team manager, the chances will be bigger. You can send your videos to those who can make decision whether or not to have you on the team. It would be great and helpful to make as may connections with people inside and out of the skate circle.




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