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Skateboarding is characterized by slippery behavior, and this free-spirited sport is also loved by modern young people. Many young people have become skateboarders and are on the streets. However, if the skateboard is used improperly, it is easy to have some problems, which will also affect the service life of the skateboard. Next, let me introduce you to some of the problems you may encounter when using skateboards, as well as skateboard maintenance.

1. Skateboards are generally prone to problems

Skateboard bearings can rust if they encounter water, which directly affects the service life of the skateboard. Therefore, skateboard bearing maintenance is very necessary. Of course, if you don't mind making an unusual sound from the skateboard and affecting the speed of the taxi, you can still use it. There are a total of eight bearings on the skateboard. If it is a replacement bearing, it is best to replace it all.
The skateboard is mainly composed of plate surface, sandpaper, bracket, PU, wheel, bridge end nut, bridge nail, cushion, bearing or other components. In the process of using the skateboard, it is easy to damage the skateboard parts. In this case, only the corresponding parts need to be replaced. If multiple parts are damaged, you can choose to switch to a new one.

 2. How should the skateboard be maintained to improve its service life?
The maintenance of skateboard bearings is very important. Skateboard bearings are resolutely unable to touch water because they are likely to rust. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not remove the dust cover. In addition, the bearings do not need to be cleaned frequently, and it is not necessary to add lubricating oil frequently. Usually when the skateboard is in use, the bearing will be entangled with a lot of dust particles. If you regularly add lube, it will be difficult to clean the dust as it enters the bearing during the play and gets on the lubricant.

When playing the board, try not to let the sandpaper stain with water, which will easily cause the sandpaper to drop sand and reduce friction. When DIY sandpaper, do not cover the sandpaper in a large area, it will also reduce the friction area of the sandpaper. When playing the board, it is easy to slip the foot and cause safety hazards.

The board surface does not need to be deliberately maintained, there is time to wipe the board surface, it is better to go to practice and improve your own level. The surface of the skateboard needs to avoid water, and it should not be soaked in water. Otherwise, it will reduce the elasticity of the board surface, and step on it to soften, reducing the sense of experience.

Wheels are consumables, which are constantly consumed during use and will be getting smaller and smaller. When the wear of the wheel affects your own use, you can change the wheel. After all, safety is the first, and you can't use much money to change the wheel.

Although the screw is a very inconspicuous part, it is a vital part of the skateboard. When playing the board, the screws are very easy to damage. Once the nail is broken, it may pose a certain danger. It is recommended to check the screws and replace the deformed screws in time. This will extend the life of the skateboard and reduce the risk of playing the board.

The repair and maintenance of skateboards is very necessary. People who love skateboarding should pay more attention to their skateboarding situation.






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