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Skateboard is one of the extreme sports. Skateboarding used to be dangerous for many people. Nowadays, with the increasing acceptance of skateboarding, we should treat skateboards correctly.


1. Mentality

At the beginning, novices felt that they were very different from others. They often hide in nobody's corner to practice secretly, and they almost never go to play with the masters. In fact, novices should always exchange ideas with the masters, because they can help novices correct the movements and make novices can really improve theri skills. After overcoming this fear of people, novices must begin to overcome the fear of skateboarding. It is also important for the novice to practice step by step. The number of falls is an important criterion to measure the level of a skater.

2. Movement

For beginners, they have not mastered the correct way to slide and try to practice more advanced movements. This is often wrong, because doing everything needs to be practiced step by step. The best way to practice sliding is to have one foot on the skateboard and the other foot to control the skateboard to go straight. When the novice can control the straight line of the skateboard, it shows that he can control the skateboard bearing well. When the novice can slide the body 180 degrees, it means that he can practice more advanced movements. 


3. Persistence

For the simplest example, ollie is the basic movement in skateboarding. Many people are always asking when it is time to start practicing this action and how long does it take to practice this action. Before practicing this action, you must first practice sliding and manual. Sliding is the basis of skateboarding, and manual allows you to find the balance point of ollie. When you are skilled in sliding and manual, you can start practicing ollie. The only way to practice this action is to stick to it. We must stick to jumping every day, and constantly accumulate the feeling of springboard, even if only 10 minutes a day. On the basis of mastering ollie, you can practice some more advanced new actions, such as internal transmission, external rotation, tipping, and turning.

4. Falling

Some people are afraid of falling and choose to buy protective gear. Some people do not reject injuries, and they are proud of their injuries. These two extreme psychology are not desirable. Falling is an important part of skateboarding. Falling is to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Skateboarding can only be played well without fear of falling and injury. But being injured is not a good thing, your technical action can not play, physical health is damaged, family members will oppose your playing skateboard, and you will affect the continuity of the sport because of the pain. Therefore, the attitude towards injury should be to not be afraid of it, but also to avoid injury. In fact, as long as the novice do a good job of the foundation, it will not be injured.


The challenge of skateboarding is unprecedented. It is full of novelty and passion. It can make you enjoy the happiness you never had in the extreme world. But the premise of all this is to look at skateboarding correctly.

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