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Many people say that the biggest enemy of the skater is the security guard.

Every time I want to go to Frontside Noseslide, it must be the security guard who comes out first to stop you. Every time you want to go somewhere to make a move, it's also the security guard who jumps out first to stop you from filming. The due diligence of the security guard can sometimes make the slippery hand who is anxious to take the action become very irritable, and no matter which country is in conflict with the sliding hand and the security guard, there are many see

Earlier this year, DAN JANSEN, a 57-year-old security guard, was knocked out of his head by an impulsive San Francisco skater, Jesse Vieira, because he stopped the skater from shooting, and DAN JANSEN had a very big impact on his future work and life because of serious injuries. In March this year, security guards in new land in Tianhe, Guangzhou, China, clashed with local sliding hands. It is said that the management staff because the slider did not listen to persuasion and escalated the contradiction, with people to drive away the slider at the same time, but also illegally confiscated the skid hand skateboard. Thankfully, however, the incident has been resolved peacefully, and security guards later switched the skateboard to the slider.

First of all, as bystanders of a conflict event, there are their own mistakes in both sides of these events. A moment of impulse will have a very bad impact, China has an old saying "a slap does not ring", so as long as the two parties at that time can be rational transposition thinking, may not trigger these consequences. For example, security guards, your job is to keep the site safe and maintain order, but you are speaking in a gentle tone, I believe that we will abide by the rules. Sliding hand is the same, encounter such a thing you do not have to stand up, peace and security to discuss. The attitude is kind, the tone is gentle, can let the skateboard go further, otherwise once the conflict occurs, the contradiction escalates, the skateboard place will be less and fewer, slowly everyone will have no place to play. Today we young people, the mentality is a bit fickle, for a lot of things are easy to get angry, just as the old drivers driving on the road have road rage. I think we should try to control their emotions and avoid similar situations.

The slider wants the security guard to understand, and the security guard also wants the slider to understand.

(So in the face of security, should the skater carry forward the indomitable spirit of "skate or Die", or is it the attitude of the secretary of Love? For this question, every skater has his own opinion. You are welcome to discuss it with us in the comments area. )


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