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If you are a new to skateboarding,  these basic techniques below is what you can start with:


1.Mount, Move, Stop

As a skateboard novice, the first thing you need to do, is finding your most comfortable stance. 

There are basically two kinds of stances : 

(1) Regular Stance: Left foot at the front of board 

(2) Goofy Stance: Right foot at the front of board

Just try both stances and figure out which one is make you feel more comfortable. Don't be afraid to be different, skateboarders respect differences and uniqueness.  

Now it's time to mount and move:

(1) Step off the board and make sure both of your feet are on the ground. Step one of your feet on the board while the other stay on the ground. 

(2) Adjust the center of gravity (COG) of the your body to the foot on the board. Lean slightly forward with knee slightly bent and hands stretched out, you should know your balance after these.

(3) Now push off the ground with the other foot, rest it at the back of the board. Bingo! You are moving forward.

Stop while you can:

(1) While your skateboard is still in motion, adjust the COG of your body to the foot at the front, land the other foot on the ground. 

(2) Adjust your COG to the foot on the ground, and try to stop the motion of the board. Now land the foot at the front and yes sir, that's a nice touch down!


2. Pushing

This action is what keeps you rolling on and on and this is where you use your back foot to control the speed. Here is some tips of how you can do the pushing:

(1) Mount on board as explained above. Center your weight over the front foot, propel forward by pushing off the ground with your back foot. Rest it on board and let the board slide for a while. Before your board stops, push again for constant sliding. Be sure to keep yourself balanced the whole time.

(2) The board move faster if you offer more power. Don't go too fast before you know how to control your speed. Practice makes perfect. Start small and gradually make progresses. Control the sliding distance each time you push, from 10m, 20m, 50m to 100m. As you get more familiar with it, increase speed and learn to control it.  


3. Skating with Obstacles

One of the fun of skateboarding comes from skating with obstacles. The most important thing you need to handle is the speed control. The following two tips may help you do that:

(1) Use your back foot properly to adjust the center weight to the front, keeping your board forward.

(2) Put your push foot down flat and use it as brake.  


4. Skating Down the Slope

After you get the hang of speed control, you can move on to something more exciting - skating down the slope. Try to choose a slope that is long and has different angles. In this way, there will be somewhere you can skate for faster speed, somewhere you can go for medium speed and finally somewhere the slopes gradually ends.

Now roll straight at th slope with some speed, get your feet into kickturn position. When your front wheels are just about to go off the edge, bend you knees, stay low and loose as you roll down the slope. It can be scary as the speed goes up and up. So it's important to choose the right slope where the speed is more controllable for novices. Eventually you will get to flat and you just keep rolling and cheer for yourself because you did a geat job! 

5. Tick-Tack

Now you finally can learn something called "skills". Tick-tack is about swinging the front end of your board from left to right and right to left back, thus gaining forward momentum and speed. 

This is how you can do the trick:

(1) Place your back foot on the edge of the tail

(2) Press gently down on the tails so the front wheels will be pull up

(3) Swing you body about 45 degree to your expected direction.

(4) Just before your front wheels are about to touch the ground, get ready for the next swing

(5) Swing to the opposite direction just like your first swing

(6) Repeat these two swings and keep them constant. And congratulations, you are now a tick-tack master!

6. Skating Down the Edge

No one wants to make a fool of himself when he is skating down the edge! When you are close to the edge, center your weight on the back foot. Pull up the front wheel as it gets over the edge. Keep this position, slightly bent down your knees and prepare to land.


7. Skating Up the Edge

When approaching the edge of the road to street, center your weight on the back foot, pull up the board to the air, swiftly center the weight to the front foot, getting both of your front end and back end of the board on the street.


8. Frontside Powerslide

This trick is about turning your board vertical to forward. Gain some speed by pushing your board, rest your back foot on the edge of the tail, press side of tail with your front part of heels, and turn the board vertical. The wheels will start sliding and making interesting sounds. Release your power on your back foot when you think you have enough wheel slides. Get back to normal form and the board will turn back, everything goes normal again. 


9. 360 Degree Backside Flip

Now the tricks are getting more and more exciting. This one will help you do a 360 degree flip. Try to learn your balance before doing this trick. Center you weight on the right foot, swing your hands to the right while twisting your body. Use the rear wheels as axis to turn. Don't pull up your front end of the board too high, because that's gonna make you fall.      

10. Single Wheel Twsit

This one is getting better. First gain some speed by pushing your board. Pull up your front end of board when it's time. Twist your boady to turn while having one of your hands grap the nose of the board and the othe hand on the tail of the board. Now three of four wheels is in the air and only one stay on the ground as an axis for you to turn. Turn 720 degrees if you can. That could be a lot of fun! 


As a novice, you need to put in more time and effort practising. Nothing is easy until you have enough tries and failures.


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