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Last time we introduced 10 skateboarding tips for novices, this time we will take you on an advanced journey!

1.Rocker skill

Rocker skills are the first step in learning fancy skills.

Push or push the skateboard to the speed of the taxi. Right foot pedal tail, left foot pedal front for control, or stepping the rear side of the front wheel for rocker. Move the center of gravity to the right foot and lean forward so that the end of the board stays in the air for as long as possible. You can make the balance between the end of the board or the ground.


2.180 degree tilting tips

Not only will you have a rocker, but you will also have to stop.

The end of the plate must be lifted during the sliding process until the end of the plate is scraped. At the same time, the entire body is rotated 180 degrees clockwise. If the rocker and the rotation are in close contact and the support foot is strong enough, the slide will rotate 180 degrees and stop.

3. Tips on the feet

(1) Heel hanging skills

Keep the skateboard at the proper speed, rotate the front foot so that the toe is facing the tail of the board, the heel overlaps the end of the board, place the center of gravity on the big toe of the left footstep, and slowly move the other foot to the front end of the skateboard. When the heels of the feet are suspended, the knees are bent to maintain balance.

(2) On-board rotation skills

Slide the skater first. Move the left foot so that the heel presses against the end of the board. The center of gravity falls on the big toe and moves the right foot to the other end. Move the center of gravity to the right foot to make it the axis of rotation. The left foot rotates clockwise around the right foot, and the right foot rotates with it, and finally balances with the left foot.


4. Rotating jump skills

Every time you see someone else's skateboard can spin and jump, are you envious?

The skater drives to slide, and the skateboard keeps the level slightly down. Jump up and rotate 180 degrees. If you use the push to slide forward, the legs will fold slightly when you jump. When you drop, the distance between the two feet is about 30 cm. Don't worry about the exact position of the drop, just drop your feet on the ends of the skateboard.


5. Jumping skills

Ready to jump, the action is stable when taking off, and it is easy to control when jumping. The length of the jump depends on the situation. When falling, the center of gravity falls between the legs. The left foot is in front and two skateboards are required.

6. The jump between the person and the board

How do you play handsome when you encounter railings?

Slide forward. During the advancement, the feet are close to each other. The two feet are placed in the front half of the skateboard, but after the front wheel. Jump vertically when approaching the crossbar. Look at the skateboard.

Try to fall in the middle of the skateboard, roughly the same as the jump position. If the force is even when falling and the legs are slightly bent, the impact force falling on the board is easily offset.


7. People jump on the board

No more to avoid obstacles!

The sliding hand drives to slide, and when it is close to the obstacle, the knees are slightly bent, the arm is pre-swinged, and the rear foot is forced to use the right end of the skateboard to lift up, and the speed inertia is used to bring the skateboard together to overcome the obstacle. Pay attention to the cushioning action of the legs when landing, the center of gravity is always between the feet, and the legs are slightly curved.


8. Strip plate rubbing skills

The sliding hand drives to slide, and when the obstacle is close to the obstacle, the knees are slightly bent, the two arms are pre-swinged, the rear foot is forced to make the skateboard vacate with the body, the eyes look at the skateboard, pay attention to the balance on the edge of the obstacle, and the center of gravity falls when falling. Between the legs, pay attention to the cushioning action of the legs when landing.


9. Bending the body

 Slide forward or slide down the slope. The legs are juxtaposed and placed at the rear of the front wheel of the skateboard. Tilt forward and grab the front of the skateboard with both hands. Clamp your knees with your arms and slowly squat down, with your hips close to your heels. Tilt the body to the left and right, and adjust the end of the board with both hands to control the direction.


 These are the gliding actions and techniques that all newcomers must learn. Of course, if you have any problems with the equipment and parts of the skateboard, check out our website!

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