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KINGSK8 Professional Complete skateboard 8.0x32.125" Spider Man

Material:Grade A Maple
Board Material:7-layer 100% imported Canadian maple skateboard
Glue:US imported Franklin glue and cold pressed glue
Lamination Technology:Heat-pressing
Size:8.0" Blank Maple Skateboard Decks
Layer Number:7ply
Concave:Ps29 medium D3 deep
Dyeing color:Custom
  • KS-S03
  • Custom/Kingsk8

Pro Complete Skateboard Custom Skateboard Complete

1 Profession Manufactory for Pro skateboarder
2 Brand New,Top Quality 7ply Canadian Maple deck
3 Pro 5.5" A356 aluminum trucks
4 Pro 54mm Urethane skateboard Wheels
5 Pro Abec 9 Skateboard Bearings
6 Pro 7ply 100% Canadian Maple complete skateboard
Custom Complete Skateboard DECK:
Material: 7 ply 100% Canadian Mapleskateboard deck
Size: can be customized
Technology: Cold air-Press operation
Graphics: can custom heat transfer print your graphics on the decks

Custom Complete Skateboard TRUCKS:
Material: A356 --T6 Gravity casting
Model Number: 5.5"
Size: 5.5" Hanger 8.0" Axle Length
surface finish:polishing, painting
PU bushing:Hardness 95A~102A

Custom Complete Skateboard BEARINGS:
1. 608RS Pro ABEC-9 skateboard bearings
2. Fast, Long Lasting, Easy cleaning
3. Rubber shield, nylon ball cage
4. Lubricated with Speed Cream

Custom Complete Skateboard WHEELS:
Material:SHR 100% Urenthane,DuPont MDI high rebound polyurethane
Size: can be customized
Hardness: can be customized
Rebound:can be customized

Complete Skateboard GRIP TAPE:
High quality skateboard grip tape.OS-780
Material: environmental PVC substrate, silicon carbide.

Complete Skateboard BUSHINGS:

PU Casted 98A Bushings

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