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Kingsk8 Black Oxide Bulit-in Si3N4 Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

- Near Zero Friction Surface
- All-weather Design
- Reinforced Strength and Endurance
- Fastest Downhill Bearings
- Available for OEM/ODM
  • KS-242
  • Kingsk8


Presenting to you the fastest all weather bearings,Kingsk8 Black Oxide Bulit-in Si3N4 Ceramic Skateboard Bearings. Let me tell you why I will choose this one. The bearings with built-in spacers save you the trouble of getting tied up with small parts. The ceramic balls inside speed up your skates. The black oxide coating surface prevents the bearings from geting rusted. I can go on and on and on if you let me.  


  • Near Zero Friction Surface - Diligently made to be the smoothest surface that has near zero friction. 

  • All Weather Design - Combination of ceramic balls and black oxide coating surface offer a worry free ride in all weather.  

  • Reinforced Strength and Endurance  - High grade balls and high speed ball retainer add to strength, thus endurance. 

  • Fastest Downhill Bearings -  Smart built-in design provides support and speed that ensure your fast and safe downhill experience. 


  • Set of 8 bearings

  • Delicated stickers

Lived up to the hype


by John in Leeds, UK

Black Ceramic Built-In Longboard Bearings

I took a chance on these bearings. Wanted to see if the built in spacers lived up to the hype. I ride primarily on expensive ceramic bearings. This time it's a combination of ceramic and built-in design, only at a lower price. Installed these and, Wow. I am impressed. I'll write another review after a month or so of riding. Great bearings.

(Posted on 04/26/2019)


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