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Kingsk8 Black Skateboard Bearings 608RS

- Rust Proof Design
- Incredible Speed
- Strong Holding Strength
- Great Performance
- Available for OEM/ODM
  • KS-108
  • Kingsk8


Kingsk8 Black Skateboard Bearings are dealt with black oxide coating technology, which protects themselves from getting rusted. With great protection, they spin much longer than the standard bearings, which is what skaters always like.


  • Rust Proof Design - Use blackening technology to make steel unlikely to get rusted

  • Incredible Speed - High grade 5 balls add to speed and acceleration. 

  • Strong-Holding Strength - Dupont nylon ball retainer offers great support and strength.

  • Great Performance - Elements of tolerance, clearance, quality and speed combined to be the bearings of great performance.


  • Set of 8 bearings

  • Delicated stickers

Lovin' it


by Roman in Ottawa, Canada

Black Skateboard Bearings 608RS

I love the idea of rust proof bearings. A lot of bearings roll fast but have to be used with great care and constant maintenance. I'm glad that these black bearings give me a worry free ride all over the places. They've got all the elements of being a great bearings. I'm just lovin' it. 

(Posted on 04/25/2019)

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