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Kingsk8 Built-in Gold Titanium Coating Skateboard Bearings

- Fastest Downhill Experience
- Everlasting Endurance
- Top Corrosion Resistance
- Near Zero Friction
- Available for OEM/ODM
  • KS-302
  • Kingsk8


Kingsk8 Built-in Gold Titanium Coating Skateboard Bearings are specifically designed for longboard. They have beautiful gold-shining outlook. And the titanium coated micro-finish, high-precision bearings are always ready to take beating. Get your skate on Kingsk8 Built-in Gold Titanium Skateboard Bearings. For your better understanding of our products, say If they were to be rated under ABEC system, they will be above abec 7.


  • Fastes Downhill Experience  Smart built-in design provides support and speed that ensure your fast and safe downhill experience

  • Everlasting Endurance -  Nylon high speed ball retainers give ultra strength and thus endurance.  

  • Top Corrosion Ressistance - Titanium nitride-coated races add to great corrosion ressistance.  

  • Near Zero Friction - The lowest near zero coefficient friction make them fast and sleek. 


  • Set of 8 bearings

  • Delicated stickers

Looking great


by Rachel in Seattle, USA

Gold Titanium Skateboard Bearings

Nice quality bearings - very smooth, well-made - also look great on my skates as well.

(Posted on 04/25/2019)

Smooth and fast


by Luigi in Mezzano, Italy

Gold Titanium Skateboard Bearings

This bearings are super smooth and fast. I can notice the great difference when I replace my other bearings with these bearings. Also I love the gold metallic look a lot. I may buy more of them. Nice. 

(Posted on 04/25/2019)



by María in Barcelona, Spain

Gold Titanium Skateboard Bearings

I'm tired of silver bearings. Everybody is using silver bearings, I want to be special. And I find these bearings. The shining look on the surface catch my eyes when I first see them on the internet. I'm thinking even if I do not take them to skate, they will be good little ornaments to have in my house, or great gifts to give to my friends. I buy it anyway, do not cost much though. I try it on my skate and it surprises me a lot. I never have a feeling like this. It is smooth and quick and it fit in well with my skate. Just splendid. 

(Posted on 04/25/2019)


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