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Kingsk8 Custom Printed Skateboard Griptape

Product:skateboard griptape
Brand Name:Kingsk8
Size:9''x 33''
Color:Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Green etc
Place of Product:ZheJiang Province,China
Logo:can be customized
Free samples:No
Model Number:KS-GR 04
Material:Super gritty
  • KS-GR 04
  • Custom/Kingsk8
Custom Specifications:
Provide full design documents in file,CDR,AI,PDF or PSD.The draft should be curved,resolution should not less than 300dpi, and need spare around the sticker(bleeding)
skateboard griptape 
Brand Name
9''x 33''
Red, Blue, Yellow, 
White, Green etc
Place of Product
ZheJiang Province,China
can be customized
Free samples
Model Number
KS-GR 04
Super gritty

Installation of griptape:
1. Center the griptape over your skateboard deck. Start by lining up the tape with the board so that you know the correct length and
won't have it stuck on crooked. It's difficult to correct mistakes once it sticks. Make sure the grip surface is longer and wider than your deck—you will cut the excess tape away when you are done. If you have a design on your grip, arrange where you want it to be.

2. Peel back a few inches of the paper guard and place it on one end of the board. Smooth out any small bubbles by pressing and
pushing in the direction that you are lining the tape. If there are large bubbles that could eventually create a crease, you will
want to pull back on the grip tape extremely carefully to remove these. Make sure that the adhesive doesn't stick to anything
4. Make sure that the grip is in line with the board. Make sure that the griptape covers the entire surface, unless you are leaving exposed wood in some areas for stylistic reasons. Some of the griptape may extend past the edges of the deck, but do not worry—you will trim this excess away with a knife or razor.
3. Carefully smooth the entire grip onto the deck. Start slowly from one end of board and move your way across, pushing down on
the tape so that you remove any air bubbles. Some brands already have small holes in their griptape to reduce the risk of air
bubbles, but you should probably flatten the tape just to be safe. Flatten the griptape against the edges of the board.

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