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Kingsk8 Green Anodized Si3N4 Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

- Superb Color Design
- Excellent Wear Resistance
- Ultra-fast Speed
- Top Corrosion Resistance
- Available for OEM/ODM
  • KS-239
  • Kingsk8


Presenting to you our high speed ceramic bearings - Kingsk8 Green Anodized Si3N4 Ceramic Skateboard Bearings. The ceramic skate bearings have adorable green outlook and will offer the speed you can't even imagine. The green color is specially made through anodizing technology, looking special and neat.


  • Superb Color Design - Unique anodizing technology brings emerald green to the surface of these bearings.

  • Excellent Wear Resistance - Silicon nitride balls inside are ready to take a beating. 

  • Ultra-fast Speed  - The lightest black ceramic balls are gonna help you go far away at an unbelievable speed.  

  • Top Corrosion Resistance - Titanium nitride-coated races add to great corrosion ressistance.


  • Set of 8 bearings

  • Delicated stickers

Looking great


by Rachel in Seattle, USA

Gold Titanium Skateboard Bearings

Nice quality bearings - very smooth, well-made - also look great on my skates as well.

(Posted on 04/25/2019)

Smooth and fast


by Luigi in Mezzano, Italy

Gold Titanium Skateboard Bearings

This bearings are super smooth and fast. I can notice the great difference when I replace my other bearings with these bearings. Also I love the gold metallic look a lot. I may buy more of them. Nice. 

(Posted on 04/25/2019)



by María in Barcelona, Spain

Gold Titanium Skateboard Bearings

I'm tired of silver bearings. Everybody is using silver bearings, I want to be special. And I find these bearings. The shining look on the surface catch my eyes when I first see them on the internet. I'm thinking even if I do not take them to skate, they will be good little ornaments to have in my house, or great gifts to give to my friends. I buy it anyway, do not cost much though. I try it on my skate and it surprises me a lot. I never have a feeling like this. It is smooth and quick and it fit in well with my skate. Just splendid. 

(Posted on 04/25/2019)


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