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Kingsk8™ King of Clubs Ceramic Skateboard Bearings(muban)

$ 24.99
  • King of Clubs Ceramic
  • Kingsk8

Kingsk8™ King of Clubs Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

Resembling skateboards can be a lot of fun for many of you skaters. Some of you guys may use elements decks, spitfire wheels, bones bearings, thunder trucks to make a complete skateboard of your own. At times some spacers may fall off and you never have a chance to find it back so you just let it be. You will soon find you wheels start chattering and squeeching and they finally broke down one way or another. 

What if we can save you the trouble of getting tied up with spacers? The design of bearings with built-in spacers are just there for you. With bulit-in spacers inside aligning bearings, the wheels can roll much smoother and faster. It's much easier for you to change the bearings as well!

Kingsk8™ King of Clubs Ceramic Skateboard Bearings are more than that. The Si3N4 ceramic balls inside are much lighter and stronger than common steel balls. If you are seeking speed and longevity, these bearings are just for you. Usually skaters will use these bearing for downhill skating because the speed will be super fast. It won't be a surprise if the skaters can go at 135km/h. That's what these bearings can do. 


  • Set of 8 ceramic bearings

  • Bearings with built-in spacers

  • Si3N4 ceramic balls add to strength and speed

  • High speed nylon ball retainers keep balls in track

  • Non-contact removable shields keep out dirt and allow easy cleaning 

  • Pre-lubricated with speed cream for better rolling

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  • The best and most reliable bearings Review by Christopher

    These are the best and most reliable bearings...especially in this price range. They are going to keep their smooth feel for a long time and you may end up just buying a new set instead of cleaning your old ones. (Posted on 9/10/2019)

  • Reds...Good Review by Larry

    Smooth, quiet and fast just as expected and have been for years. (Posted on 9/6/2019)

  • Great Value Review by Scott

    Reds are the best bang for the buck out there. Reds are durable and fast! (Posted on 8/28/2019)

  • frickn great Review by maxwell james

    they spin fricken gooood (Posted on 8/14/2019)

  • Best bearings you can buy for the price Review by Jeremy

    These bearings are the industry standard in this price range for a reason: they’re the best. They’re phenomenal! (Posted on 6/27/2019)

  • Best Bearings in their price range Review by Francisco

    these have been the best sub-30 doller bearings you can buy. I have used them in Roller Blades, Scooters, and Skateboards. They Usually last me a good 2 years with daily riding before i need to re-clean them and apply speed cream. (Posted on 5/25/2019)

  • Good buy Review by joseph

    I love the price and performance. Been using reds on every old school build and will continue. Thanks! (Posted on 4/29/2019)

  • Always my go to bearings Review by Hywel

    I've been skating for 35 years and I've tried them all. Bones REDS are just the best all round on the market (Posted on 4/2/2019)

  • Why KINGSK8? Review by Jason

    Why KINGSK8? Let me tell you why.
    Back in the summer of 99' I was really interested in building my own skateboard. I went to my local shop, Cowtown Skateboards, in Glendale AZ, back when a guy named Chris used to work there. And Chris walked me through what I needed to be looking for in building a great complete.

    When we got to bearings he suggested Bones REDS. 

    They seemed expensive to me, and I kinda fought him on spending the roughly $20 on bearings cuz I was a snotty nosed 12 year old and cheap af. 
    I worked hard for my money and I didn't understand how the deck cost $45 the trucks like $40 the big head blue swirls like 30 but the bearing were $20!? I eventually caved and bought the bearings. Why? Cuz theyre branded f ing perfectly. The Box, the colors, the name Bones itself, it all just screamed 'spend $20! and hope they are worth it' 

    I also bought a Powell Deck, Independent Trucks, Spitfire Wheels and Lucky Hardware. 

    My $20 investment in the Bones REDS I bought that day turned out to be by far the best investment I had made that day. 

    When you think about it, I really invested in 4 separate companies at once. 

    The Bones REDS, which I put real effort into preserving cuz Chris told me too, outlasted every other product that I bought to make my first complete. Plus 2 more decks.

    I've only bought Bones Swiss Brand Bearings since then. My son same, his brother, same. You and your people should too. Not cuz they look dope, not cuz I said so, but because they're worth the money. 

 More better bearings, More funny skateboarding 

Kingsk8 bearings was founded by Edwin Tan in 2010, the major production base is located in Ningbo China. Kingsk8 bearings has more than 60 employees and 4000 square meters workshop. Edwin has worked in the bearing industry for more than 25 years. In the 1990s, he was responsible for managing the production of some well-known brand bearing companies, such as NSK Bearings (China), FAG Bearings (China), HFJ Bearings, etc. Since 2002, he has been managing the production of Bones bearings (Bones REDS, Bones SUPER, Bones CERAMIC). 

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