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Kingsk8™ King of Spades Colorful Titanium Skateboard Bearings

$ 13.99
  • King of Spades Colorful Titanium
  • Kingsk8

Kingsk8™ King of Spades Colorful Titanium Skateboard Bearings

These days, you gonna find all kinds of beautiful or adorable socks selling to customers. Some of you might start thinking, why will I buy a pair of socks that has beautiful artwork on it, but are not able to see them when I put on my shoes? 

Man, that's because they are comfortable and they make you feel completely different when you put them on! You gonna feel super happy because you are wearing what you like and you think they are beautiful. They gonna light up your day!

Guess what, Kingsk8™ King of Spades Colorful Titanium Skateboard Bearings will just do the same. They are beautiful, they are new, they fresh your mind. That's what you can tell the first time you see them. They have multi-colored titanium coating and sheilds with different colors. But you are not gonna love them just because they look pretty. Well, it's titanium skateboard bearings, which means they are tougher, and more corrosion-resistant than normal bearings. Inside these beautiful little bearings, there are grade 5 chrome steel balls, retained by nylon retainers. These balls run fast and smoothly on their runways and they are protected by removable rubber shields. They are made for speed and longevity.


  • Set of 8 swiss bearings, 4 spacers, 8 washers

  • Colorful titanium coating

  • High grade 5 chrome steel balls add to speed

  • High speed nylon ball retainers keep balls in track

  • Non-contact removable shields keep out dirt and allow easy cleaning 

  • Pre-lubricated with speed cream for better rolling

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