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Kingsk8 Swiss Skateboard Bearings 608RS

- Swiss Standards
- Competition Grade Speed
- Long-Lasting Endurance
- Best Skateboard Bearings Ever
- Available for OEM/ODM
  • KS-104
  • Kingsk8


Kingsk8 Swiss Skateboard Bearings are originally made to swiss standards. High quality is our faith and energry deep in our bones. Swiss bearings are professional skaters' favorite bearings. They've been used in all kinds of professional competitions for their speed, tolerance, clearance. That's what our swiss bearings can also offer.  


  • Swiss Standards - Made specifically to swiss standards to ensure top quality.

  • Competition Grade Speed - Use high grade racing lubricant to pre-lubricte

  • Long-Lasting Endurance - Perfect finishing, rubber shield and nylon ball retainer add to longevity

  • Best Skateboard Bearings Ever - A high end skateboard bearing that combines best tolerance, clearance and quality.


  • Set of 8 bearings

  • Delicated stickers

Never went wrong with swiss bearings.


by Victor in Orlando, USA

Swiss Brand Skateboard Bearings 608RS

I always buy swiss bearings. They are the only bearings I trust to spin and last forever. Last time I bought bones swiss bearings, they were great it takes forever for it to be worn out. Now they look too old for me and I'm looking for a new one. I happened to find these bearings on google, they offered me a much lower price. I decided to give it a try. The moment I tried it on, I knew it was good stuff. I couldn't find any difference between bones swiss bearings and these swiss bearings. Great stuff. 

(Posted on 04/25/2019)

Best and smoothest


by Daniel in Bournemouth, UK

Swiss Brand Skateboard Bearings 608RS

Swiss bearings are the best. My board has a near infinite roll. Easy to clean as well. I will most likely never buy anything else.  

(Posted on 04/25/2019)

Swiss quality


by Jose in Gandia, Spain

Swiss Brand Skateboard Bearings 608RS

I always want bones swiss skateboard bearings but the price is too much, I think. Just when I think I can never get swiss bearings, I find these bearings. I buy it and take it to my amigos. They say it feel like bones swiss bearings. I like it very much. Now I have swiss bearings. Good for me! 

(Posted on 04/25/2019)

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