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What does it mean about the “Alpha moment”

LIfe without alpha moment is not worth living. So what does it mean about the “Alpha moment”? In the modern European culture, alpha is also used to represent “leader”, excellent person, and omega means “being led”, which is worse than excellent. It is like using A and Z to represent the first and last respectively. The meaning of the alpha time is that peak moment and the wonderful moment. And it is often used in sports competitions. When an athlete performs very well in the competition, everyone will call this moment a highlight moment or alpha moment . In the vernacular, it could be understood as "I can do it but you can’t".

The current group of young people has a responsible and positive attitude towards life. This is not necessarily just about work. More often, people pay more attention to enjoying life, experiencing life and living their own moments of highlights. Beyond work, young people are actively looking for their own alpha moments, such as learning a few niche sports. The niche movement has played a big role in achieving the happiness of young people.

Are you going to Tokyo to see the Olympics next year?

June 23 is the International Olympic Day. In June of three years ago, the International Olympic Committee unanimously adopted five young and cool sports in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. These five items are rock climbing (Sport Climbing), skateboarding, surfing, baseball and softball and karate. At the same time, it is proposed to "promote gender equality and promote equal number of male and female athletes in each team of the five sports."

This is really the trend, after all, more and more young Alpha boys and girls have emerged in the private sector.

Niche movements help you find alpha moments

For example, Ko Hyojoo, the Korean longboard goddess, who has been very hot these days, has found her alpha moment in skateboarding. Skateboards evolved from surfing in the late 1950s and early 1960s and were the extension of the latter on land, as they were no longer restricted by geography and climate and thus had greater freedom.


During Ko trip to Zurich, Switzerland, she slid a long board on the square in Zurich and attracted crowds and applause from the locals. Her video quickly became popular on the Internet and was called the longboard goddess by young netizens. She loved longboard. Longboard originally born on the wheels of surfboards and roller skates, similar to surfboards/snowboards with wheels. For the skateboards used by Hyojoo, the quality of the skateboard bearings is crucial. A good skateboard bearing can help you complete the movement more smoothly and ensure safety issues

As for the surfing, Surfers refer to the sport as "Blue Opium", a extreme wave-powered sport that originated in Australia and later popular in Europe, America, and Japan. Every day, there are many people in the world who are looking for the perfect surfing place, just to complete the perfect chase with the waves.

This five sports have become increasingly popular among young people around the world. They test will, courage, brainpower, inspire spirit, encourage young people to embrace nature, and actively express themselves. Life is short, find your own alpha time is the first thing.







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