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Dancing Goddess on the Longboard

Everybody is curious about her. The first related search in her Google search bar is WIKI encyclopedia. People even wondered what brand of skateboard she used, surely a good skateboard can help you do anything. And Ko Hyojoo, who is called as Longboard godness, saying that longboard is an interest in changing her life, used skateboard to find the moment of her life.

Many people's impressions of skateboarding girls are in beautiful cool girl Avril Lavigne with smoky makeup, T-shirts and Converse canvas shoes, however the 29-year-old Korean girl Ko Hyojoo who based on her skateboarding skills, pure smile and fashionable change, quickly refreshed the people's understanding of skateboarding.

Why she loves skateboard

Ko Hyojoo, a Korean longboard girl who danced on the longboard, is an engineer of the famous social media software company LINE, amd mainly responsible for user interface design. During her trip to Zurich, Switzerland, she slid a long board on the square in Zurich and attracted crowds and applause from the locals. Her video quickly became popular on the Internet and was called the longboard goddess by young netizens. She loved longboard.

What is the longboard

Longboard originally born on the wheels of surfboards and roller skates, similar to surfboards/snowboards with wheels. Compared with ordinary skateboards,  the board is longer and wider, the wheels are larger, softer and wider. It has longer endurance, better road adaptability, faster start-up time and better operation. Longboard lengths are typically between 33-59 inches (84 to 150 cm) and between 9.0-10.0 inches (22.8-25.4 cm) wide. The main materials include maple, bamboo, fiberglass, carbon fiber, metal, and mixed materials.

What does she think about it?

“I found myself interested in skateboarding four years ago,” said Ko, who has 45,000 Instagram fans and 113,000 Youtube fans. “At the time, I worked for about 3 years and suddenly there was a feeling in her mind that duplicate work makes the life boring and vain which is so pity in one life.  And from her sunny character and easy-going personality, you may think that Hyojoo is a person who will “put herself there” to thousands of people every day through her Instagram video. But in fact, Hyojoo has always felt socially embarrassed and she avoided most social situations so that remaining a lot of free time. In order to fill this time, she decided to skate on the spot. For the next three years, she drove herself to master the sport and then turned to the longboard that led to her major success.

“Longboards can be fun to move, not only to relieve stress, but also to help you find a sense of balance if you have certain skills.  I was happy and grateful to hear that watching me play skateboard could bring you a lot of inspiration.” Ko said. Definitely ,it could make the skateboarding be more recognized by everyone. And everyone will know that it is an active and interest sport. She also hope that more people can experience the fun of the longboard. " 

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