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1.What is the skateboard bearing?

The skateboard bearing is an important component of the skateboard. Without the skateboard bearing, the skateboard cannot slide normally. The size of the skateboard bearing is the same, the shape is circular, the hole has a round hole in the middle, the surface of the bearing is very smooth, the friction is very small, the inner ring of the sliding bearing has a sealed ball, the volume is very small, tightly surrounding In the inner ring of the bearing.

Skateboard bearings are very important for skateboarding, so it is also necessary to properly maintain the skateboard bearings. If the bearing is dirty, the skateboard bearing should be cleaned at the right time. If the skateboard is used frequently, it is best to clean it once every two weeks. After the wheels are wet, clean them in time to avoid rusting the skateboard bearings. Normally, the skateboard bearings should always be lubricated to prevent the bearings from rusting. 


2. Is the size of the skateboard bearing the same?

The commonly used skateboard models are 608Z-5 and 608Z-7. The biggest difference between -5 and -7 is that they have different precision levels. The former is a type of bearing that is commonly used in skateboards, and the latter has a higher precision, which can meet the requirements of the skater's sliding speed.

3. What if the skateboard bearing is rusted?

If you don't use skateboards for a long time, or if the skateboard wheels are not cleaned, it will easily lead to rusting of the skateboard bearings. The bearings of the skateboards will rust and can be cleaned with gasoline. Buy a little petrol, then remove the wheel of the skateboard, drop the petrol a little on the bearing of the skateboard wheel, and then try to turn the wheel of the skateboard. If it still can't rotate, you can repeat the above operation until the rust is completely cleaned. .

Skateboard bearings are the key parts of the skateboard, and should be paid more attention to maintenance. After the wheels are wet, clean them in time to avoid rusting the skateboard bearings. If you use skateboards frequently, you should always lubricate the skateboard bearings to prevent the bearings from rusting.

4. How to lubricate the skateboard bearings

a. Prepare basic tools. Basic tools should be used before lubricating the skateboard bearings, such as scissors, wrenches, lubricants, grease, hoses, and rags.

b. Remove the skateboard bearings. Use a wrench to get on the nut outside the skateboard wheel, then turn the nut counterclockwise until the nut on the outside of the wheel is removed, remove the nut, then remove the wheel of the skateboard, and then use the scissors to handle the bearing. Come out.

c. Clean the bearings. It is best to clean the bearing before lubricating the bearing. Clean the bearing with the previously prepared oil to remove the oil, and then wipe the bearing with a rag.

d. Lubricate the bearings. Put the lubricating oil into the rubber hose, and then align the head of the rubber hose with the bearing, and then squeeze a small amount of lubricating oil in order, so that the lubricating oil for the sliding bearing can be completed.

5. How to remove the skateboard bearing

Firstly, prepare the basic tools such as scissors and wrenches, then remove the nut with a wrench, then remove the wheel, and finally insert the scissors into the small hole in the middle of the bearing, then use the scissors to turn the bearing out. 

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