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In the eyes of most people, girls are weak and not suitable for skateboarding, which is a sport that tests physical strength, endurance and explosiveness. But there are such a group of girls who silently use their actions to prove their love for skateboarding and prove their efforts on the road to realizing their dreams. They are changing the stereotype of women on the skateboarding circle.


Elissa Steamer

Elissa Steamer regards skateboarding as a kind of work. She goes out skateboarding every day and tries to find a photographer to force herself to take satisfying material every day. "It's good that a girl can slide like this." Elissa can't be satisfied with the passer-by's comments. She wants everyone to think from the bottom of her heart that "this girl is really good at sliding!" With the advancement of technology, she not only recognized the level of skateboarding, but also won the equal pay for men and women for sponsors such as Toy Machine and etnies, which opened the way for the female skater to take the career route.

Lacey Baker

In any women's competition, Lacey Baker will always be the most noticeable player as long as she is present. What she radiates from her body is not the gentleness of ordinary girls, but the super air and iron fighting spirit. But you may not know that Lacey Baker has struggled silently with the skateboarding circle for many years for such a simple requirement, just to dress like this and be the most authentic person of herself. She used to be a little girl with long blond hair, and she had already won many excellent results and rankings in various competitions at a young age. However, she is not favored by the sponsors because of her neutral dress. She is not willing to hide her own self because of money. Lacey Baker's insistence has finally paid off. Signing Nike SB to protect her life, she can be more daring to pursue her own skateboarding dreams, no longer have to worry about life. She tells every female skater with her inspirational life, no matter how difficult life is, please insist on being the most authentic one!


Psychos Team

Emi put forward the idea of establishing a team of women skaters in 2010 when the development of skateboarding in China was not perfect. She recruited Yang Liuqing, Yang Xue, Wandy, Da Xia, Xiao Tan, Dahn and others to form the initial line-up of Psychos skateboarding team. Later, she brought Liang Lu from Nanning, Guangxi, and Tang Yahan from Kunming, Yunnan into the team. In this way, Psychos, China's first women's skateboarding team, was officially established. Under tough conditions, they have traveled all over China, leaving behind a lot of skateboarding material. Their actions inspire many girls who want to play skateboarding in China, and make them firm and join the skateboarding ranks.


The reason why they can stick to it is that these girls are passionate about skateboarding and love it. If you have a skateboarding dream, please go all the way on the skateboard, don't care about other people's evaluation and vision, do what you like to do, use your actions to change the world's view of women skaters!

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