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Kingsk8 Bearings brings you the latest and most hottest skateboard assessments!Whether you are a skateboarding beginner, a veteran player, or planning to skateboard, browsing this article with us, you will have an unexpected gain.


1.Powe1 l Golden Dragon Flying Dragon - the best skateboard

This skateboard is our first choice, whether it is for beginners, experts, or children.It can benefit from its tough, flexible and lightweight features.

The Flying Dragon skateboard from Powell-Peralta is not only suitable for beginners, but also professional players can benefit from it, so it is a dual-use product. This skateboard is equipped with a plastic body that can help newbies and experts who want to learn new skills. The solid body is also good for children.

The skateboard is equipped with a 7.625-inch Golden Dragon aluminum bracket for reliable sliding and steering. The 54x37 mm PG polyurethane pulley provides greater stability for a smooth and fun sporting experience. The board is very small, only 31 inches long, which allows you to slide and carry easily.

2. RockBirds skateboards31Po - it's best for beginners

This is one of the most popular skateboards. The board is made of extremely durable 7-layer Canadian maple, which is suitable for long-distance taxiing. The attractive prints put a sleek veil on the skateboard, which you can use to show your passion for sports.

The skateboard is equipped with a high-density diamond surface that is both waterproof and non-slip, so you get a 100% safety guarantee when you skate. The rugged features allow it to carry three hundred kilograms of skater. The four wheels are made of sturdy PU material and the base is made of ABS material, which gives it a good impact resistance. In addition, its design is also very user-friendly, allowing you to fully enjoy the fun of skateboarding.

3.PUENTE31" one of the most suitable skateboards for children

This is an excellent skateboard with reliable manufacturing quality and very affordable prices.

If you are looking for a skateboard designed for children, the PUENTE31” is probably one of the best choices. This skateboard is made of 8 layers of Canadian maple, which is not only durable but also safe and reliable.High load carrying capacity is another advantage of this skateboard. This skateboard guarantees smoother control with a large number of high-quality accessories, so that you can slide more easily and smoothly. This skateboard has a double-concave design that allows the skater to fully control his movements and reduce cushioning while braking, and you can even use this design to perform a variety of cool fancy techniques.

4.Punisher Cherry B1 osso - the best skateboard for girls

This is an impressive skateboard with bright colors and a beautiful design that is perfect for girls. A good overall architecture brings a smooth glide experience, allowing girls to have better control.

The skateboard is equipped with ivory wheels and alloy brackets to provide you with the most stable and reliable sliding pleasure. The panel is made of 9-storey maple wood with a charming cherry blossom on the surface that looks like a piece of art. One of the bearings is made of the most rugged material and is equipped with a 5-inch heavy metal alloy bracket.

Another feature is the double-concave panel, which makes it easier to control and help you achieve better balance and positioning. With ABEC-5 bearings and a sturdy PU white ivory pulley, you can get the perfect control experience and smooth gliding experience.

5.KPC Pro - the most affordable skateboard

If you are looking for an affordable, reliable skateboard, KPC Pro should definitely be included. The skateboard has a sturdy panel that is about 31 inches long and is made from Canadian maple. The powerful carrying capacity makes it easy to handle more than 180 kg of skaters, it is easy to control and you can easily master. A variety of different graphic combinations enhance its appeal.

With reliable ABEC-5 bearings and 52mm pulleys, KPC Pro is sure to keep you cool every time. In addition, the skateboard is equipped with an anti-slip layer that provides good traction and grip. This skateboard has a large width of about 7.75 inches, which is guaranteed to give you a better position no matter what your height is. This skateboard is perfect for beginners and professional skaters, and you can use it to learn and master some cool tricks.


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