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Have you read the last five excellent skateboarding reviews? The remaining five skateboards will still not disappoint you, it will give you more choices and surprises.

6.Rima1e22" one of the best cruise boards

This 2-inch Aimable skateboard has real value and is one of the top skateboards known for its cool design and rich features, not only for beginners, but also for skateboarding for travellers and cruiser players. It has a hard mini-panel, 100% made of plastic material, so it's very lightweight and weighs only about 1.8 kg, but it can carry players weighing up to 90 kg. In addition, it offers 23 graphics and colors, making it easier to choose the model you like.

Another feature is the use of a 3-inch lightweight aluminum bracket that fits perfectly into the panel and helps ensure that the skateboard runs smoothly. Its small size and light weight make it easy to control and slide, and it's easy to carry. This flexible skateboard can meet the needs of all types of users.

7. Merkapa22 is the best cruise board for beginners

The most popular Merkapa 22-inch cruise board is perfect for beginners, with its good design, colorful panels, and beautiful LED lights, which are popular among players of all levels. Reliable load carrying capacity makes it suitable for teenagers and children over 80 kg. The LED lights on the wheels provide the best brightness without the need for a battery.

The sandpaper built into the panel does not slide easily, so you can rest assured when you are sliding. Compared to other skateboards, Merkapa's wheels seem to be harder, which makes you feel like you are locked on the slide. The wheels are quite smooth and comfortable, which is perfect for beginners. The combination of color and lighting makes it look even more cool.

8. Skatro mini - the best mini cruise board

The skatro mini is an excellent vintage wind cruise board. Although the price seems a bit expensive, its price is actually very reasonable considering its reliable manufacturing quality and excellent sliding ability. The biggest difference of this skateboard is the skatro flex technology used in the manufacturing process to ensure that the plastic used in the board is not only flexible but also of the highest quality. This technology produces a more consistent surface that helps to promote a smooth glide experience.

Another outstanding component is the integrated bearing, which is more rugged than other common steel bearings. It offers top performance thanks to Abec7 skate bearings, 59 mm polyurethane slip T wheels, and 3 inch aluminum brackets. Make the taxiing smooth.


9. Ancheer27” - the best wooden cruise board

This 27-inch cruiser is made up of 9 layers of sturdy Canadian maple for people weighing up to 100 kg. It is equipped with ABEC-7 high-speed bearings to ensure the safety of the skater. The rock-solid aluminum bracket can withstand all kinds of wear. In addition, the skateboard is equipped with a smooth double-row PU wheel that provides shock absorption while providing a smooth glide experience.

Another advantage is the excellent non-slip design and good traction of the board for a better safety guarantee. In addition, it can handle a variety of different road surfaces, including parks, pools, ramps, and smooth or rough surfaces. For beginners or experts, this skateboard is easy to learn, and you will definitely want to use it to experience some new tricks.

10. Penny Australia Classic - best for campus

This is a skateboard that can bring you unlimited sports fun and is suitable for use on college campuses. So if you are a student at school, this is your best choice.

The 22-inch panel is made of plastic and has a classic design and structure that will be a satisfying product for those who like retro style. It can be used not only in campus venues, but also allows you to complete cool and difficult movements such as drift. It is equipped with soft wheels that provide the best cushioning when encountering cracks on the sidewalk. The wheels are not only soft and smooth, but also have beautiful colors. The lightweight body makes it easy to carry around, it will definitely bring you an interesting journey.

The above are ten popular skate board assessments. Do you find what you like? Follow us to learn more about skateboarding.

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