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Skateboarding and graffiti are two manifestations of street culture, but differ in their form of existence. The static graffiti is to paste the active hip-hop elements in the human brain in every corner of the street in a static form. The skateboard is a dynamic form to express the freedom to the limit. Skateboards are no longer monotonous in the senses, and graffiti also has the possibility of creating small spaces. But do you know that the intersection of these two forms is a helpless choice?

On the court, we will always see some eye-catching players, who always wear famous brand galloping in the informal competition venues. They are equipped with shoes NIKE, Adi, at least the domestic brand. And on the court, the skateboarding is no exception. The skateboard surface and the skateboard bearing carried by the powerful skateboarders are already worn out. While those players with skateboards covered with various patterns can only play low-tech movements, such as swing, and most of the time they sit next to cheer for others. However, the graffiti works on their skateboards can be said to be different, and some can indeed be called art. Their purpose is very clear, that is, to attract people's attention from another angle. A person with low athletic ability, usually a strong artist in painting, uses his sprays in his hands to make the rigid skateboards more vivid. Therefore, the creation of skateboard graffiti is much faster than the difficulty of skateboarding, because human body movement has limits, and abstract creation is infinite. In the hip-hop culture that promotes individuality, as long as you draw the eyeballs of others to stop, it is victory, and those who are weak have to turn to the narrow board.



The American street graffiti level is the highest, especially in Brooklyn, New York, where blacks gather. Street graffiti has its vitality, but it still has a lot of limitations. Graffiti began to move into the room and headed for a limited space. As an outdoor carrier of the hip-hop culture, the skateboards will naturally become the world of graffiti. Graffiti on skateboards is time-saving, labor-saving, unrestricted, and easy to alter and carry. At the same time, skateboard graffiti also promotes the sales of skateboards. The production of famous graffiti artists on-site also raises the price of simple skateboards. Graffiti is not limited to a sports equipment. More than just skateboarding, sports shoes, motorcycle helmets, backpacks and even jeans and T-shirts have become platforms for graffiti landings. From then on, the graffiti moves from a fixed plane to a dynamic, mobile carrier platform.

The combination of skateboarding and graffiti is just beginning, and it will be graffitied by major brands in the future. With the popularity of skateboarding in the world, who can guarantee that this extreme sport will not enter the international sports arena? Those sports brands have long been concerned about skateboarding culture and graffiti culture. In the future, we are no longer curious about the behavior of skateboarding with clover or sky hooks across the world.


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