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Skateboarding is the ancestor of the history of extreme sports, many of which are extended from skateboarding. Skateboarding, which evolved from surfing in the late 1950s and early 1960s, has now become a popular sport. Skateboard skills mainly include: THE AERIAL (on the slide bar), THE INVERT (on the U platform), THE OLLIE (strip jumping) these techniques can be said to be the most important skateboard movement in addition to flipping the board. Two important international skateboarding organizations in the world: international skateboarder association (INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATI ON OF SKATEBOARD COMPANIES,IASC (J) and (WORLD CUP SKATEBOARDING,WCS (World Cup skateboarding).

Skateboarding is the extension of surfing on land. The former is limited by geography and climate, while the latter has greater freedom.In the late 1950s, the residents of the Southern California Beach community invented the first slide in the world, and a 50-X10X50CM wooden plate was fixed on a wheel-slippery iron wheel. However, such a simple exercise device, because it gives people the same feeling of surfing the same, is starting to be attracted to the attention.

The second generation of the slide was born in 1962, consisting of a board, a wheel-slip steering bridge and a plastic wheel that were pressed by an oak multi-layer board. Compared with the first-generation slide, this sliding plate is no doubt a leap in technology. However, the performance of the plastic wheel of such a slide is still not ideal. It's too small to get out of control when it turns, and its low elasticity makes the slide meet even tiny obstacles, and fall off the slide. At the same time, its wear resistance is too poor. Still, such a slide is still popular with the runners. After all, it has a great degree of evolution, a phase, It is easier for the skaters to stand and maneuver on a wide plate.



In 1973, Frank, a skateboarder, put polyurethane wheels on his skateboards for the first time and achieved unexpected results. This flexible wheel is not only wear-resistant, but also allows the skateboard to make a safe and sharp turn and easily run over the small obstacles on the ground. This is the third generation skateboard. In the mid-1970s, with the rapid development of skateboards, the potential of polyurethane was greatly realized. Pedals of all kinds of materials, steering bridges sprang up like bamboo shoots. And dodgy skateboarding companies across the country have revealed the arrival of a new sport.
        The movement of the sliding plate is characterized by the sliding, the movement mode of the free movement, the experience and the feeling of creating the super-gravity, and the joy of success and creation for the runner. The movement of the sliding plate is different from that of the traditional sports project, and is not restricted to the fixed mode, so that the runner can freely play the imagination, create and move in the course of the movement, emphasize the freedom of body and mind, and promote the sport of mutual fusion with the nature. Skateboard movement is a self-challenging, ornamental, high-tech permeability that goes beyond physical and mental limits. The essence of the human nature and the return to nature is fully emphasized in the movement, and a return to nature is hidden in the traditional Chinese city, and is fused to the self. However, challenge oneself, achieve the unity of heaven and man thought realm of clear flow limit movement characteristic. In Europe and the United States and developing countries, participating in extreme sports has become the most popular and lasting fashion among urban youth. Participating in the extreme Games has become the dream of the majority of urban youth!

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