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Skateboarding injuries are common to encounter when you go to skateboard which have sent tremendous people to hospital emergency rooms every year. According to that, what should be paid attention to is that children and adolescents are often hospitalized as a result of skateboard injuries, such as head injuries and abrasions to sprains and so on. Therefore, to avoid these accidents, we need some skateboard safety tips to help us create a more enjoyable experience. Here are these helpful suggestions.


Wear protective gears

It is essential to wear these protective gears including a helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads and appropriate shoes, which will reduce the chance of injury when you are going to fall to the ground.

l Empty your pockets of all hard or sharp objects

Hard or sharp objects will hurt you when you fall so that you have to handle the injury. To avoid these unnecessary troubles, we should bear it in mind that emptying our pockets before skateboarding is important.

Master the basics first

You should learn turning and slowing techniques and how to stop properly before attempting more difficult maneuvers. That is the basis to become a good skateboarder.

Learn to fall on the fleshy parts of your body rather than your arms

When you fall on the fleshy parts of your body, you will feel less painful than you fall on the arms or legs. Of course, you will be more easier to avoid injuries.

Try to relax and roll if you fall

You had better be relaxed rather than stressful when you fall so as to adjust yourself roll to protect your legs and arms, preventing more serious injuries.

Practice tricks and jumps in a controlled environment

The training environment is critical because a controlled environment, say, a skateboard park where you have access to emergency medical care, will provide timely assistance when you are in need.

Skateboard on smooth pavement away from traffic

Places close to traffic are places accessible to traffic accidents. Thus, looking for a smooth pavement away from traffic contributes to keeping safe.   

Change skateboard bearing regularly

skateboard bearing is a significant part of the skateboard, which should be changed regularly to guarantee the safety. Namely, we had better not fall to the ground on account of the problem of skateboard bearing. So to purchase a skateboard of good quality is important, too.

Screen proper areas

Screening the area where you will be riding for holes, bumps, rocks, glass or other debris is to avoid being hurt when you fall.

Never hold onto a moving vehicle

If you hold onto a moving vehicle and come to its sudden acceleration, you might find yourself fall to the ground and get some injuries, which is not supposed to happen.

Check your skateboard before you ride

You could foster a good habit that every time you are about to skateboard, the thought of checking its safety will occurs to you.  

Careful of others who also skateboard

Of course there is someone else who enjoy skateboarding just like you. So you should be careful of not bumping into others.

Calm down when you meet with emergency situations

When you fall or meet with other emergency situation, you should keep sober and seek for help from people around you or call for ambulance.

Beyond doubts, only when we remember these skateboarding safety tips can we reap a happy and painless experience, otherwise, there is a long-term hospitalization waiting for us. That is all that counts.


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