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As we all know, skateboarding is an extreme sport, is called the most "cool" sport on the planet. In daily life, skateboarding is also a good way to entertain. Many young people even use skateboarding as their walking tool. We will answer some common questions about skateboarding.

1. What is the round pit in the skatepark?

The circular pit for skateboarding is called the bowl, which is a prop in the skateboarding place. It is suitable for the skater with good technical level. The biggest feature of the bowl is that it is a curved surface, the speed of the drop is very fast, and there is a certain gap between the edge of the bowl and the bottom of the bowl. The practitioner uses this drop to complete some wonderful movements.

The bowl is a special skateboarding place. Skateboarding in the bowl is completely different from playing skateboarding on the ground. Therefore, the skills of skateboarding on the ground are basically not applicable in the bowl. Therefore, people who can skateboard in the bowl  are very skilled.

2. How to choose the skateboarding venue

There are many types of skateboards and different types of skateboards are suitable for playing in different venues. Therefore, the choice of venues depends on the type of skateboards and their own preferences.

The double rocker has a lot of fancy action, and the skateboard wheel has a hard texture, so it is suitable for playing on a smooth field. The wheels are very sensitive to the smoothness of the field and the shock absorption effect of the double rocker is relatively poor, and the unevenness of the field will increase the error rate of the action.

There are many ways to play longboards, and there are many venues that can be adapted. Bowls, slopes, and ordinary streets are very suitable for playing longboards. The long board has large wheels, soft texture, good shock absorption effect and fast sliding speed. It can adapt to the ordinary street with rough surface, and can also adapt to the smooth surface of the bowl. It can fully exert its speed advantage in the bowl.

3. What is the difference between the size of the skateboard wheel?

The size of the skateboard wheel is not only a difference in volume for the skateboard, but more importantly, it affects the sense of use and application of the skateboard. The larger the skateboard wheel, the faster the taxi speed, the smaller the impact of the obstacle on the road. The smaller the wheel of the skateboard, the slower the taxi speed.

4. What should I do if the front and rear wheels of the skateboard are reversed?

Generally, the front and rear wheels of the skateboard are the same. Even if the reverse is installed, it will not affect the sense of use; if the wheels are different during use, the position of the front and rear wheels should be replaced; or the inside and outside of the wheel will be reversed. Affect the beauty of the skateboard, it is recommended to change the position.

However, there is a situation that needs to be changed. If the front and rear wheels are different due to the usage habits, the positions of the front and rear wheels should be replaced. The specific method is to remove the two wheels before and after the position misalignment, and then re-install to the correct position.

If the inner and outer sides of the wheel are reversed, the wheel should be changed, because the inner and outer sides of the wheel are different. Some of the outer sides of the wheel have some beautiful patterns. If the wheel is installed in the wrong position, it will affect The beauty of the skateboard. So if this is the case, you should take the wheel down and replace it before reinstalling it.

5.How to skate downhill

When downhill, you can choose a longer slope. The longer slope will allow the practitioner to have enough time to control the skateboard and complete some basic movements such as deceleration, turning and braking. For beginners, skateboarding is slow when going downhill, and beginners may not be able to control it. Therefore, the longer the slope, the better.

The main point of the skateboard downhill is to control the skateboard, keep the balance of the body, and then pay attention to the downhill speed. When the skateboard goes downhill, you should kneel down, lower your body's center of gravity and maintain your balance. One foot is at the front end of the skateboard, and one foot is placed at the end of the skateboard to expand the contact area with the skateboard, which is also to make the sliding more stable when going downhill.

When you need to turn, you should slowly move your feet to the center of the skateboard, with your body facing forward, lowering your center, and your hands can be stretched to balance your body.

6. How to slow down the skateboard downhill

There are three ways to slow down the skateboard downhill. One is to control the center of gravity of the skateboard to slow down, that is, to change the direction of the skateboard and reduce the forward momentum. The second is to reduce the friction, that is, the practitioner rubs on the ground with one foot to achieve the purpose of deceleration; The kind is to use the tail end of the skateboard to contact the ground to increase the frictional deceleration.

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