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Skateboarding is a cool and challenging sport. One of the most attractive places is that this activity can break through the limits of the venue. Roadside and open space can be a stage for skateboarders to show their talents. If you have seen the movie "Daydreamer", you will be impressed by the scene of skateboarding on the Icelandic road.


But have you ever thought that following places can also use for skateboarding.


Multi-floor Indoor Skate Park

If you think there is nothing special about skateboarding in a skate park, take a look at this indoor skate park. The building, which will be built in the UK and looks like Noah's Ark, is actually the world's first multi-floor indoor skate park. This Skate Park named Folkestone Sports Park, which covers an area of 1,000 square meters. The first floor is a social space with leisure places like coffee shop. The second to fourth floors are skate parks, including a climbing wall and a boxing gym in the basement. In this indoor skate park, you can skateboard all year round without fear of sun and rain. It is best for skateboarding fanciers.

Skateboarding at the Bottom of the Pool

Lugano is a famous tourist destination in Switzerland, attracting many tourists come to visit and shop every year. But for local young people, shopping centers are not the most attractive place for them. Is this colorful skateboarding field a sneak peek for skateboarding enthusiasts? In fact, this 1,000-square-meter skate park was once a swimming pool. After redesigning and decorating, the bright color skateboarding venue is very eye-catching. The various color lines and geometric patterns interspersed with each other, making the skater feel like skating in a virtual surreal world. The curved pool edge is ideal for sliding, and the skateboarder gradually falls into the bottom of the pool with the color changes from top to bottom. How wonderful it is!

Skateboarding at Home

Transforming the house is more amazing than transforming swimming pool to a skate park. Philipp Schuster is a photographer and a famous skateboarder. One day he wondered how to transform an abandoned hunting house in Austria into an indoor skateboarding venue. His method of transformation is very simple and rude. He made many small ramps on the corners and walls of the house, and you even can see the animal's head specimen on these walls. This house is full of precious antique. You should be careful when skateboarding in this place.

Skateboarding in a Century Church

Located in the Spanish town llanera, this church built in 1912 and has a history of more than a hundred years. It looks like the other churches in appearance, but it is so different inside. This small church was abandoned for many years, by crowd funding and sponsorship, it has raised funds for maintenance and renovation. The street artist Okuda San Miguel has refurbished the church by adding a splendid, colorful mural to the walls and ceilings. The church has turned into a cool skateboarding venues. This small church combining classical and modern style has naturally become one of the favorite places for young people in the local area. Even if you don't skate, it's great to see these beautiful murals.

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