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As a fashionable outdoor extreme sports, skateboarding has always been loved by influxes. As a new skateboarder, there are always a variety of introductory knowledge that you still don't understand. The following are some of the common problems for skateboarding beginners.


1. Why is the skateboard unstable?

The skateboard is not a four-wheeled boarding car, not as stable as it looks at first sight. It is normal for a novice to sway left and right through its center of gravity. The flexibility of the skateboard allows it to turn and perform more advanced movements. The rigidity of the bracket directly determines the stability of the skateboard, so we sometimes recommend that the new person choose a bracket with a harder point. How can you stand on the skateboard more stable? More practice is a good idea.


2. What kind of skateboard or accessories are suitable for beginners?

Depending on individual conditions, if the economic conditions permit, buy an import board. Because the imported board is of good quality and worth the money. On the contrary, you can buy domestic boards. Now domestic boards with better quality are "boiling point" skateboards. The price is low and the quality is the best among domestic skateboards. They are very suitable for beginners. If you want to play skills, you should not go to sports goods stores to buy skateboard and accessories, such as skateboard bearing, wheel and so on.

3. Which side is the board head?

Three methods for distinguishing the head and tail of a panel:

(1) Plate type. Lift the skateboard until the line of sight is flat and you will notice that the head is usually raised a little higher.

(2) Pattern. Hold the skateboard with one hand and stand up. If the pattern or text behind the skateboard surface direction is positive, the side where you hold it is the board head.

(3) Bridge nails. Some skateboards assembled by professional skateboarding shops will be equipped with two gold nails at the head of the skateboard, so as to facilitate the differentiation of novices.


4. Why is my skateboard uneven on the ground?

The main performance is that the skateboard is placed on the ground, and the four wheels cannot land at the same time. As long as it is not a large deviation, it is a normal situation. Because of the newly assembled skateboard, the components take time to wear, and the bracket PU takes a while to remember your stress and your skateboarding habits. In addition, the tightness of the front and rear wheels can be adjusted. It is suggested that novices adjust the tightness to their comfort by themselves. In general, the front axle tightness point (flexible steering) and the rear axle tightness point (relatively stable) are recommended.

5. Should I have my left foot in front or my right foot in front?

It is normal for the left foot to be in front or the right foot. This can be based on the habits of walking on your own. If you really don't know which foot you usually walk first, stand in place, find someone to push you from behind, and ask your friends to help you see that the foot you walk first is the front foot.


In short, skateboarding is a very free sport, not too much restriction and worry. Take it easy.

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