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"the severe drought turned the pool into a dry pool, but inspired a group of surfer boys, bringing surfing technology to the pool walls and adding safer and more reliable polyurethane pulleys to the skateboards," he said. The U-skateboard, an important component of extreme sports, was born, from huge waves in the sky to abandoned wharves to cement wasteland in the city. " This is how skateboarding was described in the film. The small movement, originally from the streets, is now included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


From the street to the Olympic Games, skateboarding culture has come a long way. Similarly, after entering China, skateboarding culture has developed all the way, from a hundred or so skateboarders to now it is a popular trend for many young people in China.


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On October 31, 2018, hosted by the World Skating Federation, the Social Sports guidance Center of the State Administration of Sports, the China Roller Skating Association, Jiangsu Social Sports Management Center, Nanjing Sports Bureau, Nanjing Olympic Sports Development Co., Ltd. operates the 2018 World Skateboarding (Wanchi) Championships held in Nanjing. The competition attracted 124 top skateboarders from 27 countries and regions in the world.


November 3, the six-day tournament ended successfully. Chinese skateboarding team members not only have excellent performance in the competition, but also learn from a lot of things.


After four days of fierce competition, Chinese women's contestants Lou Jiayi and Zhang Xin finished the semi-final. This competition provides a platform and exercise opportunity for the national skateboarding team to prepare for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and they see their own shortcomings and great room for improvement. For the national skateboarding team, this is the biggest achievement in addition to the results.


We believe that the members of the national skateboarding team will sum up their experience after the match and strive for a better skateboarding performance and a better breakthrough result for us at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. As the official partner of the Chinese national skateboarding team, we will continue to support the development of the skateboard team, accompany them on the way to war, and witness the growth of the Chinese national skateboard team.


This world championships, also let us see the skateboarding movement good development momentum. More and more teenagers choose to take part in skateboarding, challenge themselves through skateboarding and write new possibilities for themselves. Just after the end of the World Championships, on 17 November, the International Skateboarding Invitational Competitionof the 2018 Mi Golgi Cultural Festival also opened in blood in Xiamen. The event invited Mr. Sasagawa, Mr. Ishika and other world-renowned street-style men to participate in the competition. For the audience of the scene dedicated a splendid visual feast.


With the development of skateboarding events around the world, more and more urban teenagers are obsessed with skateboarding. They spend their spare time playing skateboarding and finding confidence and happiness in skateboarding. Skateboarding is not confined to a single form, it requires the planter to exert his imagination, to exert his inspiration, to exert his potential, and to pay attention to the freedom of body and mind in order to experience the joy of creation. These are very valuable experiences for teenagers, which they do not get in the classroom.


As a leader in skateboard bearing industry,KINSKY has not only devoted many years to providing special products for young people, but also paying attention to the growth and health of teenagers. We will also do our utmost to support skateboarding cause and interpret the attitude of skateboarding teenagers. Also for you to send more up-to-date and fastest skateboarding information.

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