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skateboards are more and more popular among young people, but skateboards have been developed for more than 50 years. Today we mainly describe the development of skateboarding.


1. The development of skateboards

Development of Sintered skateboards From 1964 to 1965, Germany and the United States used skateboards for the first time in continuous casting systems; in 1967, skateboards were introduced to Japan, and skateboards were developed in production process design and manufacturing. The development of skateboarding for more than 50 years has become a functional refractory with many varieties and various processes. skateboards are developed from a single material to a multi material composite structure; a wide variety of skateboards are formed.

2. Technical status and development trend of skateboarding

The firing of aluminum carbon skateboards and aluminum zirconium carbon skateboards is the mainstream skateboard used by large and medium-sized steel companies in China. Aluminum carbon skateboards were developed by adding carbon materials to early high aluminum slides to improve the corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance of the slides and to form ceramic-carbon bonds after firing in a reducing atmosphere. Conventional aluminum carbon slides have poor oxidation resistance, loose structure, poor corrosion resistance, and poor thermal shock resistance. In the late 1980s, zirconium-containing materials were introduced into aluminum-carbon materials to develop aluminum-zirconium carbon slides. The thermal shock resistance of the aluminum-zirconium carbon carrier developed by introducing the zirconium-containing raw material into the aluminum carbonaceous material is further improved, and the molten steel of different compositions has strong corrosion resistance and good adaptability.

3. The problem of burning skateboards

Small and medium-sized ladle skateboards take into account the cost. The material is mainly aluminum carbon. The process is divided into three types: ignition, light combustion and non-combustible. The service life is usually 1~3 times. Compared with international advanced products, there is a big gap. The main problems are manifested in three aspects:

*It is necessary to improve the medium and high temperature strength of the sliding material to improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the sliding material;

*It is necessary to improve the thermal shock resistance of the skateboard material to improve the safety of its use and the number of furnaces used continuously;

*The carbon content of the sliding plate is high, the oxidation of the carbon material will weaken the structure of the sliding material, accelerate the damage of the sliding material, and further improve the oxidation resistance of the material;


4. No burn or oil-immersed skateboards to become the development trend of future skateboards

skateboarding has the advantages of low energy consumption, less process, short cycle, high efficiency, low cost and no pollution. It is an inevitable trend of skateboarding to environmental protection and energy conservation. Since non-combustible and non-oil slides do not burn, their structure and properties are closely related to the conditions of use. In particular, the material structure changes with the use temperature, and its performance changes accordingly; this type of skateboard has gradually become the mainstream in the market.

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