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Since 2016, skateboarding is no longer unique. All kinds of famous brands control everything behind them, almost every city has skateboard parks. Yet on the women side things are very different. The scene is still small, with few participants, very little money involved and barely any outside recognition or brand support. There are still very few women’s skateboarders.


Skateboarding wasn’t always a bro fest. But in the 80s skate brands dealt with the dwindling popularity of their sport by more aggressively targeting that notional teenage skater boy which they still sell to today. Cara-Beth Burnside still bagged a Thrasher cover back in 1989 though and Elissa Steamer inspired many of today’s women’s skaters in the early 90s.

But a women’s scene as such never took off, though today it might well be about to. And not because of any brand seeing the potential in women’s skating either, the growing depth and talent is thanks to a cluster of women who got bored of loving skateboarding yet feeling there wasn’t a space within it for them, so they decided to do something about it.


Let me tell you a story about the legendary skateboarder Lacey Baker and her efforts to show the brand the hope of women’s skateboarding. At the age of two, Baker, who had just started walking, lived in Foster Care, a child welfare center, and often watched a little brother skateboard in the backyard. At Easter, someone asked her what she wanted most for her Easter gift, and she answered without thinking, "I want a skateboard." Baker, who got the skateboard, immediately picked it up and went out, although she was still standing on the skateboard, but for Baker, it was a solid start.

When she was three years old, she followed her mother back to her home. Her mother allowed Baker to skate at any time, as long as she thought. Five years later, Baker found her own biological father, Marshall Rohner. Her father has a son. Baker and the brother started to skate together, like little twins. At that time, Baker saw a legendary video called "Baker 2G," which featured a group of kids and adults skateboarding that weren't much bigger than Baker.This makes Baker go further and further on the road of skateboarding.


When Baker was eleven, a man named Miller appeared. He found Baker's superiority and spent the entire two days making Baker's first skateboard video. At the age of fifteen, Baker has already participated in the official competition and won the first place.


Baker, who seems to be doing everything smoothly, is also unsatisfactory in the skateboarding career. Because it is well known, many extreme sports, including skateboarding, have always been the product of Male Gaze, and everyone naturally puts low standards on women and even despise women.


However, this is not a bad thing. After all, as long as people give Baker a skateboard, she can be stunned. What really makes Baker feel helpless is that most skateboard-related companies are happy to sponsor female skaters, but almost never sign a formal contract with a female skater. In fact, for the skater, signing a formal contract can really help the skater focus on the skateboarding career. But this does not affect Baker's insistence on skateboarding, although she has indeed returned to the X Games competition for many years.

The situation improved in 2014, after many exercises and competitions, she scoured many skateboard accessories such as skateboard bearings and so on. In that year, she defeated the famous skater Leticia and finally won the X Games title.Not only the title, Baker's attitude towards the controversy and the strong skateboarding skills helped her win more and more respect, which helped her finally get the Nike contract in 2017.


In the advertisement "Dream Crazy" released last year, Baker also appeared, accompanied by the picture of Baker skateboarding, the narration said: "Don’t believe that you have to be anybody, to be somebody." .


In our lives, women are often seen as a vulnerable group, on the one hand because of male gaze, and on the other hand because girls who can't open the bottle cap seem a bit more. Therefore, the issue of equality between men and women should not be mentioned. If you mention it, there are still things to be done.


The future of women’s skateboarding won’t be obvious or brought to us by shiny corporate sponsors. It’ll be made from within and all the brighter for that. I know I’ll be watching and you should too.

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