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There Are 7 Things You Should Know About Skateboarding

Have you ever felt like this when you go to the games or watch them yourself? You don't think the best-performing player has a good spot; the man's movement won the whole cheering, but the referee didn't score as much as they didn't see it or hear it. Some people's contacts are always a problem, but they still go to the semi-finals, to the final; you always feel like the referee whistles or favors some skater. Here are ten things about the referee, and when you're done, your doubts will probably go away.

(1)the sponsor of the skater will affect the rating of the referee   

In the course of the game, the referees prefer the sponsorship of some big brands. The reason behind this is not simple skateboarding or personal bias. Because skaters are sponsored by such a big brand, they must first have good skills and be able to attract others to imitate him. And those "nameless" skaters, rarely meet these conditions. So, when a better-known skater comes in front, don't be too surprised, maybe that's the reason.

(2)the referee will indeed give a high score for his brilliant movements.

At the Tampa Am game at the end of the 1990s, Osiris's runner, Dave Coyne, was in the first half of his round, and every action he tried failed, but in the last five seconds, he threw a single throw, and the result was a perfect 360-kickline! That's the first time the referees saw it out of the video. Because of this, he's in the semi-finals! It doesn't seem to be fair, but for an experienced referee, Jason Rothmeyer, it's all right. "I'm inclined to give those things that are not common," he said.

(3)Repeated actions, scores will be less and less

No matter how awesome or perfect your line is, no one wants you to repeat it all the time! For example, your line in the qualifier is super smooth, super awesome, 100 points out of full, and you get 90 points! But if you do the same line in the semi-final or final, and you get 87, 85 or lower, don't make a fuss.

4some actions just sound like cattle

In theory, a triple kickflip is much harder than a regular kickflip, so the former should have a higher score. But in reality, which score is high depends on the situation. At the time of the game, many other factors (many of which cannot be described) will affect the referee's score. As X Games's referee Dave Metty said: "many skaters and their parents will ask me what moves score the highest in the game?" I'll answer them. It's not until we're sitting on the bench that you can say which one you want to do when you do it. Split high. You can either surprise us and get a high score, or you can't. "

skateboard bearing

5The little skater does get special care.

Although referees will try not to give extra points to the skater, this is still the case. But at the same time, the referee is conservative in scoring them, because these little skaters are not really good-looking to stand on a large board. But whenever referees like kids, they're sure to give skaters a higher score.

(6)Style is important.

Every judge wants you to make super-difficult moves, but super-hard moves are not enough! after decades of U-pool games, Steve Caballero is also starting to be a judge of the competition. Although he also likes to see difficult action, but if you want to win by difficulty alone, not every time can succeed! He took Bob Burnquist's signature action, switch stalefish, for example, and said, "I don't care how hard it is for a person to move, if someone can be a more stylish forward-footed stalefish." Well, I'll give him a higher score than Bob, and I'll pay more attention to style. "

(7)Audience cheering doesn't mean high marks.

Spectators love big scenes when a skater flies over an oversized prop by drop in or kickflip from the beam, and the crowd must be able to topple the roof. But sometimes it's surprising that people don't have a good position, which usually makes the audience wonder: "***,Yes, did the referee see what he did?" In fact, the referee does, of course, but a good referee ignores the audience's voice, scoring skaters in terms of difficulty, overall feeling and other factors.

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