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When it comes to skateboarding sport, you have to say Tony Hawk.

1. Who is Tony Hawk?

Since the age of six, California teenager Hawke has been practicing skateboarding. Instead of traditional sports such as basketball or baseball, he focused on skateboarding and practiced for at least 6 hours a day. Recalling his childhood, Hawke said: "I don't like people pointing fingers at me. I don't need to train for training, nor do I need to rely on peers to succeed. "

At the age of 14, Hawke became a skateboarder. This means that he has the opportunity to participate in a professional competition. As a result, he won the championship and received a $150 bonus. When Hawke recalled becoming a professional player, he said excitedly: "150 dollars! When I was 16, I had, like, $500 left in my bank account, and I was really excited. You know, I was just about to buy a car. "

After 16 years of age, Hawke went to San Diego to go to high school. After leaving the roller coaster, Huokegaozhong's life was not satisfactory. Although his IQ is as high as 144 and his academic performance is very good, he looks very thin and is often bullied by other classmates. Hawke admitted: "In high school, those athletes came to me and grabbed me and put me down for fun ..." In the bullied school days, skateboarding became Hawke's hobby. Hawke practiced hard and once lost his teeth four times and fell several times into a concussion. However, efforts have finally paid off.

Before the age of 18, Hawke toured the world twice and sold a signed skateboard. Including royalties, attendance fees and bonuses, his income has reached six figures. Before he graduated from high school, he bought his first home. In the following 10 years, Hawke won in all the events he participated in.

Tony Hawk joins the Vans Bowl System Live Team

In 1995, as enthusiasm for skateboarding events waned, Hawke considered retiring. At that time, American entertainment and sports television invited him to participate in the Extreme Games. He was invited to participate in and win. More importantly, television rekindled the enthusiasm for skateboarding. Since then, Hawke has begun to try a difficult action that many people think is impossible to complete-`` 900 ".

"Before, I thought about it for about nine years, but I never had the courage to try. "I broke a rib in the process," Hawke said. Shortly thereafter, my ribs hit the top of the ramp. I was thinking at the time that this was impossible. "

It peaked at the 1999 Extreme Sports Conference. On the same day, he tried the difficult action "900" 11 times and ended in failure. But for the twelfth time, he did the hard part. "I just felt a great relief. I finally conquered the demon that had plagued me for so long. Since then, skateboarding has driven people crazy, and I 've been interviewing people about the 900. Suddenly, everyone knew '900'. "

In an interview with Time magazine, Hawke said that the tour has a lot of dance performances and visual stimuli. It shows that skateboarding is an entertainment, not a competition. Moreover, skateboarding is not just for the younger generation. It is one of the few sports in which fathers and sons can participate at the same time.

2. Tony Hawk joins the Vans Bowl System Live Team Event Introduction

The world's top bowl terrain skateboard tour Vans Bowl Series announced today that skateboard legend Tony Hawk will serve as the official live commentary for the 2019 series. Hawk will join the Vans Bowl Series team and Chris Cote to explain live events. This year's event will be held in five major countries around the world and will eventually be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, in September this year. 2019 Vans Bowl Series World Championships. Since 2016, the Vans Bowl Series has been known for defining professional bowl terrain skateboarding competitions. This season will expand its tour size and hold men's and women's qualifiers at the four major professional tour venues. And insisted on providing equal bonuses for men and women in each race, including the World Championships.

Tony Hawk said: "Skateboarding has shaped my life. I am extremely excited to join the Vans Bowl Series team. At the same time, I will continue to promote skateboarding to young people around the world. In recent years, I have found that the overall level of skateboarders has improved rapidly, and I am very much looking forward to their progress in the field of bowl terrain skateboarding. "

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