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Skateboarding is one of the most exciting activities and has many benefits. It can help burn calories and keep fit, improve body’s endurance and flexibility, which is a good way to relieve stress. An appropriate skateboard is necessary for you to enjoy the sports, so investing in your own skateboard is a smart move. Don’t worry about choosing a toy skateboard or professional skateboard, the one fits you is the best.

Custom Skateboard and Ready-made Skateboard


Custom skateboard is good especially when you want it to be more unique and are willing to spend more money on it. But it is not suitable for beginners for they know very little about it. If you're an intermediate or advanced skateboarder, you can choose a custom skateboard because you're likely to know the different parts of the skateboard and you have the ability to customize. You can build your own unique skateboard by choosing wood, materials and wheels.

You can also add your own graphics, colors or designs that exactly matches your personality. However, if you choose a custom skateboard, you have to pay more time, money and effort.


Most of Ready-made skateboard’s parts and accessories have been built. You just buy and use it. It is usually more affordable than a custom skateboard because it has no special materials, components and designs.

If you are a beginner in the field of skateboarding, a ready-made skateboard is actually a good choice. You can focus on mastering the tips and tricks of managing skateboards, not how to personalize and make it your own style. Once you have mastered most of the knowledge about skateboarding, then you can custom a skateboard.


How to Pick Skateboard

So how to pick the one fits you best from so many on sale ready-made skateboard? Here are some measure factor:


If you are a beginner, it is highly recommended that you buy a cheap mini skateboard, longboard or cruiser. This is mainly because these types can help you get familiar with the details of a skateboard and how to use them. You will feel comfortable when you push the skateboard with your feet, while keep balance on the board. Buying a very technical product at the beginning is not good, so it's recommend to choose the types mentioned above.


If you are an intermediate player, then you are more familiar with running skateboards. In this case, you can start taking risks and choose different wheels or trucks so you know how they affect your skateboard ability.


If you are a senior or an expert, you have already built your own basic skills, you need to focus on more challenging skills. It may be time to build your own custom skateboard that perfectly fits your needs.

 Skating style

Another important factor in helping you find the ideal professional skateboard is your own skating style. Please note that skateboarders are actually divided into several types based on the specific terrain they are skating.


You must know exactly what your own skating style is. This helps to find the skateboard that is dedicated to showcasing yourself, your skills and design. Your own glide style can also help you determine the right device.


Some of the most popular glide styles today are vertical, street and longboard. Finding out which style or category you belong will help to choose the best skateboard for you.


All in all, there are many factors should be taken into consideration when deciding which skateboard to buy. As mentioned earlier, you can initially choose a ready-made skateboard like mini skateboard, longboard or cruiser. Once you have mastered the sport, you can have a custom skateboards.

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