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Skateboard is the originator of the history of extreme sports. Many extreme sports are extended from skateboarding. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, skateboarding evolved from surfing. The earliest skateboarding was built on wooden boards by enthusiasts. Later, skateboarding gradually developed into today's skateboarding and now it has become the Coolest Sport on earth.


Skateboarding skills include: The Aerial L (on the slider), The Invert (on the U platform), The Ollie (take-off with a board). These skiils are arguably the most important skateboarding actions besides turning boards. When starting skateboarding, we should avoid making some mistakes that beginners often make.


1. Skater's Psychology: Some people play board to be cool. They won't be afraid of the attitude of the bystanders. These skateboarders are actually in a good mood. But for skaters, the balance of mind is very important when they are just playing skateboarding. Don't be inferior. You feel that you are very different from others and you often practice secretly in the corner of nobody. Practice better skills and then play with so-called masters, so that it won't be too disgraceful. Behind this inferiority complex, people are still afraid of being laughed at. We should learn to enjoy our own happiness, not to entertain others. When we overcome this fear of people, we should begin to overcome the fear of skateboarding. Don't be afraid of wrestling. In fact, as long as you practice more and don't rush for success, you won't be hurt too much. When you fall, don't use your hands to support the ground. When you slide, be careful of small stones. If you fall more, just slip more.


2. The importance of skating: Many novices like to make quick progress when they are playing skateboard. They are in a hurry to move before they can slide steadily. It's easy to practice more advanced movements if you skate well. I think the best way to practice skating is to put one foot on the skateboard and the other foot on the ground to control the skateboard to go straight. Don't rush your feet. When you can control the skateboard to go straight, you are not far from the direction of the skateboard as you like. Skateboarding with two feet does not mean that you control the skateboard, but that you are still controlled by the skateboard. When you can ski and turn 180 degrees, you can practice more advanced movements.



3. Skateboard noise: Many novices think that the noise made by the friction between the skateboard wheels and the ground is too harsh and will hinder others. In fact, this is a kind of fear of other people's laughter. Maybe you will argue that skateboarding really shouldn't affect others. That's right. But as long as you don't play boards downstairs or in quiet neighborhoods at night, there is no disturbance to the people. We can also choose better skateboard bearings, which can give us a better experience and reduce noise.


Skateboarding is a sport that uses skateboards to slide on land. Skiing is the most basic technique. Along with the change of terrain, in order to glide smoothly, many skiing techniques have been developed, which enable skateboards to cross obstacles, climb and descend, and glide on bars and arcs. This has resulted in some new basic techniques, mainly some skipping and balanced taxiing techniques. Skateboarding can bring a lot of happiness. But skateboarding also has some dangers, which requires us to pay attention to safety when we play skateboarding.


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