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On the June 21, it's Go Skateboarding Day. Go Skateboarding Day is an annual holiday created by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC), and celebrated by the skaters around the world.

IASC believes Go Skateboarding Day “is one of the most influential activities in the world" because it is all about puting aside everything else and simply enjoying skateboarding. Some may ask, why are we having this holiday since we've been skating every single day? I guess the answer lies in why are we having valentine's day since we love each other every single day. It's a chance to celebrate and gather with skaters around the world, making new friends, learning new tricks. 

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So why did they select June 21 as Go Skateboarding Day? June 21 is the longest day of summer and by celebrating board riding on this day, it marks the begining of summer. People like summer. They go to the beaches to surf, to swim, to just lay down and enjoy the sunbath. For those who live far away from beaches. They have another plan, and that is skateboarding. It's the time when everybody is ready to hit the street. IASC is trying to make skateboarding more accessible to the world through various events held in major cities around the world. In this way, they are able to promote skateboarding.

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Go Skateboarding Day can be traced back to 2002, when they called it "All City Skate Jam". Kerel Roach and Bryan Chin came up with the ideas of bringing everybody back to the days when they skate all day long with friends or anyone that's out there. Sunday will be a good choice for getting people out and skate, so they choose July 14 in 2002 as the day of skating.  They printed out flyers and they posted info online. Sunday was a big success and it was maybe the first mass gathering of skateboarders. 

In 2003, IASC (International Association of Skateboard Companies) created the Go Skateboarding Day, and select June 21 as the day for celebration. Soon Go Skateboarding Day was recognized as an official holiday of skateboarding.

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As the sport of skatebording gaining more and more popularity, the holiday is able to expand to the world. Started from USA, the celebrations goes on to UK,  Singapore, China, Peru and even Afghanistan. Sponsors like Vans, Nike SB, Red Bulls and so on offer great help to the holidays' promotion and celebration. Governments are also giving much support by closing down street and building new skateparks.    

June 21,  2019. We are about to have another Go Skateboarding Day this year in 2019. Kingsk8 Bearings wish all skaters a happy and exhilarating holiday. Before you go skating, we suggest checking your skateboard bearings to make sure they are still working. No worries if they don't. Because we are right here for you. The easiest choice will be selecting our Kingsk8™ King of Hearts Swiss Skateboard Bearings. After all, we all like swiss quality.


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