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There are a lot of young people who like skateboarding,because skateboarding is called the coolest sport in the world. So what kind of skateboard is a good skateboard? Maybe this article can help you.


It is important to evaluate the actual board before purchasing. Check its size. If you are a person who likes to skate on the street, then the best width for skateboard’s plank is a 19 to 20 cm .

However, if you often skate in a park or watery places, then the ideal plank should be at least 8 inches. If you are still a beginner and you are not exactly know about the size, it is highly recommended to start with a wooden board that is about 19 cm wide and 78 cm long.

Choosing a wooden board, the personal recommendation is to choose a 7-layered Canadian maple board, because Canadian maple is also hard and tough, so it is not easy to get broken, but if you choose wood material or Chinese maple, it will be easy to get broken. The price for maple board will be higher, the lower priced are those boards compressed from northeast maple or broken wood.



The skateboard wheels are also important in your final purchase decision. For example, if you prefer street skateboarding, make sure you find the wheels smaller than the skateboard wheels used in park skateboarding.

These smaller wheels are critical because they are more responsive and lightweight, and are easier to lift when you flip. The best size for street skating is about 49-52 mm.

However, if you are interested in vertical or transitional skating, the optimal size is approximately 54-52 mm. Because it is larger and can cover many surface areas.



The bracket of the skateboard is also called “bridge” which have wheels on it, making it the most durable part on the skateboard. You can use it to do grind on a variety of surfaces. They allow you to turn, then you know the importance of bridge.

Of course, the lighter bridge is ,the better, the harder the better, the carbon steel will be harder but more brittle, so the price will be lower, most of good brackets in the market are aluminum alloy,with higher hardness and lighter weight (price isn’t too expensive). Titanium alloy brackets will be lighter and harder. The price of titanium alloy brackets that manufacturers generally make is generally produced for high-end skaters .the price would be more than 500 yuan.



There are many types of skateboard bearings, the material is divided into carbon steel, chrome steel and ceramics and so on. the bearing price of carbon steel material will be much cheaper than the other two materials, the price of chrome steel will be lower than ceramics, the best bearing is Ceramic bearings, bearings are also divided into ABEC, ILQ and other standards (1-11), the higher the value, the higher the precision, the better. For example,  ILQ-9 will be better than ILQ-8.

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