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What the hell is up with olympic Skateboarding

How is it that we’re less than two years away from seeing skateboarding at the Olympics, but we still have no idea what Olympic Sk8 will look like? There’s tidbits of info and plenty of speculation about qualifications, uniforms, and drug testing, but no single, reliable source laying everything out. The one rulebookout there isn’t the easiest to find and loaded with “official” jargon that 99.9% won’t care to read.

We’ve had (and will continue having) a lot of fun roasting the very idea of Olympic skating, but curious to know what we’re up against, we decided to see what we could find out.

So after pulling info from various sources, including a Berrics interview withJosh Friedberg, Director of Skateboarding for World Skate, then reaching out to Josh for more details, we cobbled together this little summary. Now the next time your cousin asks if Bam Margera is gonna wear a leotard in the Olympics, you can have a better answer than, “Honestly, maybe.”

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As of now in the U.S., the Opening Ceremony will be on NBC on Friday, July 24th, 2020. Men’s Street will be on Saturday, July 25, Women’s Street will be on Sunday, July 26th, Women’s Park will be on Tuesday, August 4th, and Men’s Park will be on Wednesday, August 5th.



Skaters have the chance to get points over two seasons of events. The events will be fully announced this summer [2018]. There will be regional events, like national and continental championships, as well as professional-level events, so nobody will be blocked out of participation.


The 2019 season is January 1, 2019 – September 15, 2019. The second season starts September 16, 2019 – May 31, 2020. They will take the top three points totals from the 2019 season and the top six points totals from the 2020 season and add them up.



World Skate. The ISF (International Skate Federation) and FIRS (Federation of Roller Sports) joined forces following some statute changes, re-branding as World Skate in September 2017. Last year, World Skate submitted their qualification process to the IOC.



All the skateboarding in Tokyo will be televised. Skateboarding is one of NBC’s biggest coverage priorities for 2020.


Federations, like the CBSk of Brazil, have already announced a national team. This does not mean these skaters will be in the Olympics, but they will be given resources to train from their government. The United States government does not fund any national Olympic teams, but many other governments do.



The closest thing skaters have to a coach is usually a team manager or filmer who acts as a mentor and helps facilitate their careers. Many of the top skateboarders also have managers, agents, trainers, and more. The U.S. is aiming to train and empower these support personnel around skateboarders to fulfill the role of a traditional coach. In countries with a less developed skateboarding culture, they are looking for coaches in order to jumpstart the level of their skateboarders. The only people on the skate courses in Tokyo will be the skaters themselves.



There will be 20 skaters in each competition. There can be no more than three (3) skaters from each country in any one event (men’s park, women’s park, men’s street, women’s street). Even if you are near the top of the rankings, if three other skaters from your country are ranked higher, your ranking does not matter.

 Not every country is subject to have a skater in the event, except for Japan as the host nation. However, there must be a minimum of one (1) skater from each of the five (5) continental regions. If there is not a skater in the top 20 for an event from one of the regions, the 20th ranked person will be removed and the top-ranked from the absent region will be placed in the event, regardless of their overall ranking.

With government funding for skateboarding turned on in hundreds of countries worldwide, World Skate is working with the National Olympic Committees and National Governing Bodies to make sure the skateparks they build will be unique, well-designed, and well-built.



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